Thursday, September 02, 2010

Standstill Love

After watching my favourite anime I always ask myself, does it reflect life? Of course not! But then, every anime does reflect live somewhere or other. I asked this myself quite often when I first watched Onegai Teacher (Please Teacher). This anime had a weird plot as well.

Kei Kusanagi, a boy who falls into “Standstill” for three years. It eventually makes him imageto  look fifteen years old even when he is eighteen years. In Anime or Manga, the character gets into such state only from emotional stress. But in real life can anyone fall into standstills?

I have very close relations to Anime and I think I do fall into standstills in my life for some period of time but not as long as Kei!!I often referred it as “getting bored” rather than standstills.

There was a time when I felt sick for really long time and I needed to cut though school. Since then I never believed in people. This was the time when I became strong as well as weak in some situations. But I thought these will soon go away if I had my own time for Fun. When I finally got into my junior High I thought I would overcome it. But these standstills keep following me everywhere!

  My longest one was however when I envied Louisa May Alcott. I first read her work when I was twelve. But it moved me a lot. Since then I always wanted to write my heart. As a kid, I always ended up writing some crazy poems and often made my folks laugh. I never really liked serious writing until I learned about Alcott.

images (1)Writing makes you calm, think twice, be matured and most of the times mischievous. Well, it depends on what you like to write and what you actually are. I often experience world unreached. I bind my writings with huge imagination which helps me to be more like Yamazaki Takashi (CCS) at times.

It was in my pre teens when I fell in love with one I cared about. He lived only in my imagination. He is very good at drawing, solving the unsolved mysteries and was only person to solve the entire paper conducted by famous Dan Detective School (DDS). He is often serious and lot of mysterious. Great deal of talent withholds within him making him look even more handsome than he actually is. I fell into standstill when I saw him at first. I think it was love at first sight!

But when I came out of my standstill I realized the guy with blue hair was none other than Amakusa Ryu, the boy who gave me courage to fight at times became my sixth sense.

I became a writer and a poet only because of him I think.

Into standstill I fall

Whenever you call !
When the phone I touch
reminds me of how I miss you so much

I am lost when you stare
There's nothing else to compare
the sight of you leaves me weak
There are no words left to speak

Leave your girl
    if it's quite alright
I waan be in your World
   to warm a lonely night
I love you

Believe me its true

My heart is an unfilled knapsack
Waiting for your love to pack
I ran out of rhymes
Out of mind at times
I just love you Ryu



Thursday, August 26, 2010

You Are Just The Way I Imagined



Not every day one can imagine their dream to come true. Likewise, not everyone will feel the passion to make their dreams come true.

One often gets up from their dream world to know what’s waiting in the real world. Life is simple, if you figure out what you want. It is complex, if you mess up with what you have. Some call it sixth sense and some call it common sense .I call it magic of love. No, I am not talking about an ideal love here. I am just referring to a common belief. One might think I am crazy .People who know me well, know how much I adore animated characters.

It so seems that there is one anime character I like a lot. He is Ryu Amakuza.He is tall, handsome and like any character, he lives only in my imagination. This character took its birth in “Detective School Q” show. But managed to live with me forever.

Sometimes I mess up with people’s name and a lot of times with features. If I like someone, I add up a lot of anime characters and features into them and regret later! You see the person living in my brain will be quite different from the real one! Aah. I was in trouble a lot of times because of this!!

clip_image001There was a girls night out and couple of friends came by for a common gathering. It’s obvious that when more than one girl meets, the common topic will be about guys! I am one of those persons who would not generally have a boyfriend or speak to guys. So I used Ryu for that!

So what exactly happened? I kept my left brain to work and thus the creativity in me developed. I created fascinated stories. Like my boyfriend and I were going to a pub for dinner [yeah right! who cares about bill, everything is in mind remember?!]

The stories were kept in an infinite loop in any common programming language. I was taking notes of all the crap I spoke, so as not to forget in future. I have very less memory and the result was, I lost the diary or rather, forgot where I kept it!

I developed an easy way to escape. When people ask about my boyfriend, I usually say-“huh? He has changed so I dropped him”. By and by days passed and all seemed well. Like I said all the crap in the world has to reach a gutter.

My life’s gutter seems to come to an end very soon. It was a typical rainy day when I met the person whom I created!!NO KIDDING! It’s not like a movie story! It is true-the characters and the features as well! [Except-that guy had black hair unlike Ryu who had blue].

So, who is this guy who peeped into my life now? We live in a sci-fi world where it’s Ok to see UFO’s, then why not one can see a character she created? I don't think it’s strange as well. God’s imagination perfectly matches with mine I guess!!

If you are still reading this then -You are just the way I imagined, swear on Ryu !You can close the window now!!



Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Open at the Close : Step into MSIT

Having completed my graduation with lots of fun and less books it was not easy for me to get into MSIT. Its a typical program conducted by CMU at both JNTU and IIIT. I was lucky enough to get into JNTU. The college in which my graduation was done was big , in comparison to my inter , but extremely small , when I saw JNTU for the first time. It was almost like a dream come true . I never expected to be part of such a big university.

As soon as I entered college, the birds were singing and the wind was whispering. I felt like God was applauding me for making into prep course of msit. The first step into MSIT was unforgettable one. There was a huge dome with glass so that one can always see the sky and aim high.The floor neat and clear , was as if they used the brightest detergents shown in Indian advertisements and one can always see their face.When I saw my self , I wondered - was this the person who was scared of even a small ant is now into pg course?was this the same person who would cry for toffees or love to play with barbie dolls , now have to play with processors and chips?

Keeping my thoughts to myself I moved on .

On the very first day we were given computers and the seats were arranged .The first time when I was taking my place. I never thought that these life less objects will be my friends and people behind them had life less souls [though not every one because I dint knew many by then!]

We were given a computer ,a mouse ,a keyboard and scary tasks. The curve is very complex.The work they give at the beginning was extremely easy ,But as we move by,  the task becomes difficult and at the end every thing seems much easy and simple.

Gone are those days where one can carry a pen, a bag or even a book. Right from school I was so uses to the thought of carrying books that they became my prop. There was always a magic when you touch and understand what you read .These data's directly find their way to right brain.Starring into PC and mastering the subjects was a different experience over all.

My first mentor was MR.Revanth. He was the most awesome and cool person one could ever think of. I never looked at his as a mentor. Minimum respect was always given but he used to help me a lot. Even though its not said directly , there is always like my batch and my kids kind off feelings with mentors. The mentors who deal with their teams remain same for couple of weeks before they are rolled. And, in this time the team becomes a family where every one helps every other person and try to survive in pool of messy tasks.

Weeks passed ,all was going well even with Mr.Murali my TA.

For me , the things that tickles my brain is anything that is concept oriented but when C language had lengthy structures and files my hands some how didn't cooperate.

At the beginning I thought I couldn't make into msit.I was finding the  pre course very difficult. But, by and by I learnt to solve the tasks by myself and I started to open my heart .But, now I feel the gates of msit to be closed. Hence -I open at the close!

One mistake and the whole of your history is changed. Not every one at MSIT is perfect. Many don't try to be as well. Kids figure out how well one can take help.

People cry,laugh,tease,discuss ,argue,support and live happily in their own world. Some forget the days of month, some forget the time and many forget their own birthdays as well! But the festivals are different here.We enjoy when we get good marks or partial outputs. We ask and give parties for the same. Many discuss their problems with mentors,chat with them and people like me who are often silent just listen to them and enjoy the jokes.

Not every one can fulfil their dreams. But this is rightly said as- at msit one can often forget their own dreams and make msit their dream. 

The rainbow is always from a pot of luck.Wishing I could get hold on that pot . I keep my trust in myself .Did I make it into MSIT?

Well, as the life lessons go , this page is also incomplete as the others, in my book of life. Let's not think about the road not taken and feel the difference!

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Boy Who Lived


This is no way concerned to Harry Potter and the series of J K Rowling. But I am a great fan of Harry Potter books but I never thought that this will gain me friends.Now, when I look back I made many friends but seventy percent of them have common things that I do and most of them like reading this series. I still remember during my college days we were all strangers for each other but one day the topic was Harry potter we didn't know each other but we spoke about Him and used to discuss about a lot trough which we became friends.


But this was a very strange incident that happened and it had lot to do with Harry Potter. I was back from a super market when I saw a boy with glasses and extremely messy hair and he had a thunder mark scar near him eyebrow. What more he was accompanied with an extremely bushy haired girl and she was walking hand in hand with a red haired boy who was tall. Now any one who was in their right mind will think I was describing about harry and friends. But no! It was quiet impossible for fictions characters to come alive and walk along streets of Hyderabad! And one was carrying broom stick. I was dumb struck! I poked my brother to have a look. He saw and behaved as if nothing happened. When I asked him he sais , “If they really were wizards then you want them to know that you was them right?because they might modify your memory!” I somehow agreed. But we later came to know that they were in fact the GHMC people!.

But sometimes around September I always used to expect a letter or would think how to fly or when i break something I wished you could simply say “Reparo “

There was this typical friend of mine.We didn't know each other and we used to speak through a social networking site.And only thing we spoke about was Hogwarts and stuff.We speak as if we are wizards and we refer to each other as Draco Malfoy and other characters from the book. Though it seems funny but its always weird how we become friends and stories are always fascinating as others.

But let me remind you I like Harry Potter series but I am not addicted to it . I have read many books which are more good and help in life. Somehow it has a special space in my books cupboard.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

To Sir, with Love

If you wanted the moon I would try to make a start,

But I, would rather you let me give my heart,

To Sir, with Love

Aah this is the most beautiful song from the movie To sir,with love .So why so suddenly I remember this song? Its common for any person to think and be liked by their Sir or professors and I wanted the same too especially when I came to know about Mr.Cheran.

Mr Cheran was a very cool person who taught us Software Engineering during a coaching class. Its very popular when you are preparing for a graduation exam for pursuing M.Tech. All I wanted was to be visible and that he knows that I exists which was quiet impossible because there were two hundred students and around hundreds

batches with same strength.There was only one way to make myself visible but that was most difficult for me as I needed to top in class! It so happened that I met him again outside.I thought my story ended there.But you never know what God's plan is! No, do not expect me to top in class or by some other means he knows my name now! what were you thinking??

Today Mr.Cheran knows my name! He chants my name for every hour! So what exactly did I do??

Frankly nothing! I just changed my coaching centre and after a couple of weeks found out that he teaches there too.But why does he chants my name all the time? Simple because I was only girl in class and  there was only one kid apart from me.It was way to obvious that he has to chant my name! *chuckles* 

I think it was God's miracle and it was bound to happen!!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

What Not To Do at BRECW : Confessions of a final year B.Tech Graduate


What ever I write below is sourly applicable to my college fellow mates and in specific to Computer Science and Engineering branch.This is work of pure fiction which happened in my thoughts and may be yours.Any resemblance to BRECW'S teaching and non-teaching staff is purely coincidental. I do not take any responsibility as it highly reflects my memories and I am quiet forgetful by nature. This article is not recommended for candidates who attain classes regularly to college and take notes in books but not micro papers. It is also not applicable for candidates who have exam or last minute submits regarding records,assignments or bunking their classes but instead wasting their time on reading my article. You are requested to exit this window if your are facing social hazard problems,computer illiterates or having fear of attendance shortage even after having 90% attendance. I strongly recommend you to attend your classes and top JNTU. Finally , this article is not recommended for intimates, ingrates or anyone professing an irrational fear of cats or any other mammal, those who have a penchant for time wasting, illiterates and lawyers. Eating before reading may result in unhealthy indigestion.Not recommended for people over the age of 120.

What Not to do at BRECW:
  • Never enter the college in "walk-out" or "Drive-out" phase.Breaking of this rule leads to ear blowing whistles and stick directions to get into the college.
  • Never enter college without ID card.If this rule is broken you are either sent back home with a hope that you will return.
  • Mostly you wear your friend's ID card and manage to enter college.
  • Do  prefer staircase while going into the class and lift while going out of college.[Would you care if you are late for class?]
  • You tell proxy to couple of friends and forget your own attendance very often.
  • The first thing you ask your friends before exam is "whats today's date" / "Do you have a pen?"
  • You start reading only a couple of minutes before the exam with help of your friends.
  • You are mostly found roaming in corridors during classes but in lunch/breakfast you sit in class playing UNO, Spin-the-bottle etc.
  • You do your records,assignments just before the submission time with a lot of combined effort from friends.This is also done mostly during classes.
  • The number of books you carry with you is highly proportional to the year you are present and this has nothing to do with the faculty or subjects.
  • You always go in groups to your H.O.D when you have problems to resolve but always hide among your friends and pretend you got nothing to do with it.
  • You drink water from aqua-guard even though if its flavored with insects.
  • Mostly you pick easily fooled person as your CR.
  • You will be the first to exit college but last to enter college.
  • The only reason you may violate the above rule is when you have a fear of sitting in first bench so you make sure to come early to occupy last bench.
  • Before exam you spend maximum time in counting number of pages or SMSing with friends.
  • You are not caught in class when you chat in first bench but you are caught when you yawn in last bench.
  • You find reasons to come to college but, when you reach, you will be the first to bunk college.
  • You get screwed up if your lecturer didn't give you the marks you expected even when you know that all you wrote is crap.
  • You always kid around or play spider solitaire during labs but, in last minute you execute the already executed program and be proud of it.
  • Unity is quiet common among your friends when it comes to helping before and during exams and mass bunks.
  • You prefer bakery food or any other available to canteen food.
  • The only time you come to canteen is when you couldn't manage to get movie tickets.
  • You believe that a lot can be learnt from web than books so you are found mostly in web labs than library.
  • The only time you are in library is to return the books of yours friends whose submission date is often forgotten or elapsed or for magazines and news papers for fun.
  • You manage to smile at your lecturers even when you hate them because you want to have a good impression.
  • You hate people who compare your class section to a counter section.
  • You often find empty benches in your class.You feel extremely happy when you find your class to be full but get pissed off when your lecturers appreciate for the same.
  • You always feel proud that your class mates are better when compared with your counter section.Even when it got nothing to do with your effort.
  • The first thing you do when you reach home is to call or chat with friends even when you spend the whole day taking and gossiping with then at college.
  • The most common topic while travelling home with friends will be about lecturers or common enemies.
  • You always go in circles for the answer during viva and the source will be from the question asked.
  • You manage to write assignments, records and have fun in a half hour break allotted.
  • You chat or play bingo etc during class but you concentrate on each and every word of the lecture only when she/he is giving you important questions.
  • You always take leave for a couple of days before and after holiday(s).
  • You know every short path in the college. But you manage to take the longest one while visiting the staff rooms.
  • The only time you really like to go to staff rooms is when you need attendance or marks.
  • You manage to shop well before the Freshers/Farewell dates are around but still complain that you do not have any.
  • You are thrilled about your feasts but they either get postponed or cancelled.
  • The only thing you like about your college is gardening but-you are not allowed to sit and enjoy.
  • The only time you take a look at notice board is when you have circulars regarding holidays and attendance.
  • You relate every point above to your memory and smile. You feel bad that you are missing your college.
  • The ultimate reaction to the above is.. "antha seen ledu","chall hut","tokka le" etc. even when you are feeling the same.

Friday, May 07, 2010

A SMS in my Inbox

Were you ever in a gloomy mood?? The reason was because your lecturer was angry with you?? Did you wish you could tell him sorry but did not have any courage?

Well it mid of May in 2007 I remember it too well because It was the day when Mr Naresh asked my friend Jyo and me to help him out with stuff. He directly gave us the answers scripts and said "Correct this answer scripts for me". We were glad and helped him ,but due to some miss fortunate stuff were were asked to get back. I figured he sensed that we were up to some mischief.

Days passes all was going fine. Well I thought all was going fine. It was hot summer April and time to submit our project documents.We should submit our documentation by 4.30 pm and like any final year students we arrived exactly at 4.30 pm. He checked our documents and asked if any thing was missing. My heart skipped a bit. The fact was a lot was missing.We managed a lot of levels from our internal guide too. We also learnt that escaping Head of Dept.., was easy then Mr.Naresh.

He shouted on us and spoke few words but gave enough time to recover from our shock. We were asked to copy the whole thing in a compact disk and submit. We thought we managed with the project at least now.We submitted and empty CD with few things which we thought were needed like a "Walk to Remember" movie.

Frustrated I went home. I was in off mood. I called my friends. I don't know what went wrong. I still feel it was because my friends did not receive my call I directly wrote a lengthy SMS and send it to sir.

I was bitting my fingers when I realised what I have done. Like my whole project was in his hands and some subject marks too. My blood was boiling. I let a huge sigh of relief when my friend called me. I managed to stay under control and explained her what I did.

Her reaction was unexpected!!! She was laughing and took her time to say "Chill kaar yaar its Naresh sir naah..thats the only reason you dared to do such a thing naah??"I still couldn't take it. I felt some thing will happen when I get back to college tomorrow. I think God heard me and there was a SMS in my inbox.

It read

Frustration lo undi alla annanu. Do not take it inside.
m sorry.
Please forgive me ckD :)

I was shocked!

Back in college  when I showed this message to  my friend ,we literally cracked ourselves up!! When we met Mr.Naresh, we just exchanged few smiles.People thought we went mad when  we were rolling on floor and laughing  to the core. 

I always think we should be lucky enough to get those days back

I can still hear her saying "You will remember this incident and laugh like hell"

Oh well I do agree!! ^_^

[Note: The guy in the picture may not look like Mr.Naresh but he is equally cool!!! ]

Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Farewell video:Journey Of Unforgeable memories [The Making]

There was one once when I truly thought to make a small documentary for my fellow mates.The idea struck to me during second year of my life.I would like to pen down all the memories I needed to face during the making of video.

I want to tell you the truth that there were many difficulties I faced while making this video. I need to first over come my ego and laziness.Though the thoughts seem too small collecting all the pictures were not difficult at all.It was then I realized that my friends were very cooperative.Its like you cant see this group effort in CSE-B section at all ;)

I wanted to relate what I have learnt all these years to people around me.Based on that I allocated titles.I took a lot of help from picasa in doing the editing part. It was strange to me that all people appreciated my wok but none took the credit.I felt weird about it a couple of moments though.It was nice that a couple of students at my college talk to me using this video as a mediator.

I had my times when I enjoyed ,got bored and was excited.I still remember the best part was playing this video in our college during a lecture's class. We convened Mr.Naresh to play this video during his class.He was one of those persons who was jovial and friendly. I personally feel he was way to excited to watch the documentary too.

There were curious and anxious faces in my class as the concept was new to every one.Girls were way to excited but it was only then we came to know our college Desktop doesn't have sound drivers.A couple of girls rushed to their hostlers to get their laptop and fix it.But all wanted to see that on a big projector.Computer operator Mr Sai was helpful enough to let us borrow their projector screen.While the movie was played they were laughing and were happy to see their daily college on screen.Being a girl's college the news spread very fast and all came to know about my work.

Like I proud maker I say the making was the fun part apart from playing as usual.

But I provided the link here so you can enjoy too!!

Missing Droplets

Some one has rightly said -It takes only a minute to say Hello but Forever to say good bye.This picture has twelve girls who made my life colorful rite from 11 ,16 , 23 to 29, 35,45,51,20,50.
Gone are those days when we were happy and laughed at something stupid over stupid things.Gone are those days when we said Bye but hoped that we will meet next day to attend the boring lectures.
The joyful moments and stomach aching laughters. I still can remember the day I joined this college with some hope that I can make friends and now when I look back I feel it's hard to accept that it's already time to say goodbye.
Dreams might remain incomplete but friend fly too far to reach.
I realized that time just passed away when a friend of mine gave her slam book to be filled with moist eyes.Some how I felt I could read her mind...No mater how busy we are in life we made a promise to stay in contact, But deep down we know that they are not the same any more.

A farewell poem to all my friends.....

The hardest part of any friendship is when it is time to say goodbye,

and even though I wished I could make you stay,
I know I got to let you spread your wings and fly.
For life is a journey that needs to be traveled
and I am certain you'd make it through,
I just want you to know and never forget that I will surely miss you.
So follow your heart and never give up,
as dreams and wishes do come true,
for I know that someday we'll meet again,
so never forget I will be praying for you.

The missing droplets can never come back to you again.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Return of Hitler : A HOD story

All my life it was just me and my dreams and the days went ticking by.." This is one of the rarest song which pops to my head when I think about dreams.I am usually a dreamy girl who dreams day and night.

That day too I was dreaming during class. We all learnt that it was OK to dream during class especially if that class was taken by Mr. Ravinder Reddy. He is our Head of Dept.., and the way he took his classes were always boring as his subjects were dry.We used to hate his classes but were forced to attend them as many had shortage of attendance.

By and By we became more familiar with his way of teachings and know whom he would target. He used to always make the less confident and sleepy people in class to answer his questions.I used to always escape because I mastered the technique of sleeping in class with my eyes wide open and the girl ahead of me was quiet tall to cover the so called "diagonal" view.

I think it was his rule to make every one dissatisfied with life that day I was his target.I was really unhappy, obviously you cant expect me to answer his all questions but answered most of them because my friends were helping me behind his back.Unfortunately he came to know that and my ultimate punishment was to read and explain the whole lesson in next class ,that was after lunch!

I had one hour and decided to escape. We have to give a power point presentation and refer to slides to explain the stuff. With a little help from my friends we switched off the generator but out of luck as my HOD asked me to teach using black board.

Already feeling unprofessional I started to teach something as I was not prepared.

The lesson became hilarious as I created my own stuff and my HOD pointed out my mistakes.Some how I wanted to get out of the whole thing. I felt I was doomed in life .I started hating him and curses were put in an infinite loop in C program.

But now I feel , I over looked the whole thing.Yes it is common to scold and laugh when you come to know that he wear's a wig. I realized that it was OK to scold him because he was irritated enough when we did monkey business. I just learnt that he had his way with students and yes the day I realized was when, he actually beard the whole expenses for a student who met with an accident. It was not normal to do so.

I sometimes ask myself - Did he really change? He is way too good with all the student now.May be he wants to hide the truth from others that he wears a wig! Or may be he is some one like professor Snape in Harry Potter who wants the principal seat and now he got it so he is acting good.

I think he is an unimportant alien who fell on Earth after being kicked out from planet Aurora of Issac Asimov's world.Yes he is an out worlders!

I cant study in the college were an alien exists.Either he must leave or I.

So I am leaving this college in couple of days more. uffff!

[Note: My HOD doesn't look like the guy in picture.]

A Note to note

It was my last exam back in 06' when I was at school still thinking about what to do in life after completing school.
I was walking along the road kicking the fresh mud and something stuck to my shoe.At first I thought it to be dirt but it was an old ten rupee note which was inky on one side.My old school was wise enough to pour some wisdom and taught me to return the money.But deep down , my heart said to use it.
Just when I didn't know what to do with this new money I found ,a boy came by.I didn't look back and asked the boy if he has lost his money.He took the note studied it for a while and said "Well Miss I do have good memory. I wouldn't write such things on Indian currency" and left.
When I turned the note I noticed that inky stuff was a list of groceries noted by some one who didn't want to forget about it.
I decided to go home and my tiny brain had exiting plans about how I should spend my money while my Heart still was saying some funny stuff which I ignored completely.I mean why bother about someone who was careless. God wanted to me to have that money and buy an ice cream rite??!
Taking a big sigh I opened my door when I heard my mom shouted "Again?? How can you forget this time?Do you expect me to cook food with mud and air??" and my Dad replied "Honey sorry! I didn't mean too.I even wrote down the things ,I must have missed it somehow..."

Monday, May 03, 2010

What fingers can do??

Do you remember the day when you were little and you cried for a candy??Your dad used to cheer you up by keeping faces to his fingers... and you smile just for that simple trick?
Oh well the other that when i was browsing i found some pictures that sure made my smile wide and i am sure it will make yours too...Have fun...

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