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What Not To Do at BRECW : Confessions of a final year B.Tech Graduate


What ever I write below is sourly applicable to my college fellow mates and in specific to Computer Science and Engineering branch.This is work of pure fiction which happened in my thoughts and may be yours.Any resemblance to BRECW'S teaching and non-teaching staff is purely coincidental. I do not take any responsibility as it highly reflects my memories and I am quiet forgetful by nature. This article is not recommended for candidates who attain classes regularly to college and take notes in books but not micro papers. It is also not applicable for candidates who have exam or last minute submits regarding records,assignments or bunking their classes but instead wasting their time on reading my article. You are requested to exit this window if your are facing social hazard problems,computer illiterates or having fear of attendance shortage even after having 90% attendance. I strongly recommend you to attend your classes and top JNTU. Finally , this article is not recommended for intimates, ingrates or anyone professing an irrational fear of cats or any other mammal, those who have a penchant for time wasting, illiterates and lawyers. Eating before reading may result in unhealthy indigestion.Not recommended for people over the age of 120.

What Not to do at BRECW:
  • Never enter the college in "walk-out" or "Drive-out" phase.Breaking of this rule leads to ear blowing whistles and stick directions to get into the college.
  • Never enter college without ID card.If this rule is broken you are either sent back home with a hope that you will return.
  • Mostly you wear your friend's ID card and manage to enter college.
  • Do  prefer staircase while going into the class and lift while going out of college.[Would you care if you are late for class?]
  • You tell proxy to couple of friends and forget your own attendance very often.
  • The first thing you ask your friends before exam is "whats today's date" / "Do you have a pen?"
  • You start reading only a couple of minutes before the exam with help of your friends.
  • You are mostly found roaming in corridors during classes but in lunch/breakfast you sit in class playing UNO, Spin-the-bottle etc.
  • You do your records,assignments just before the submission time with a lot of combined effort from friends.This is also done mostly during classes.
  • The number of books you carry with you is highly proportional to the year you are present and this has nothing to do with the faculty or subjects.
  • You always go in groups to your H.O.D when you have problems to resolve but always hide among your friends and pretend you got nothing to do with it.
  • You drink water from aqua-guard even though if its flavored with insects.
  • Mostly you pick easily fooled person as your CR.
  • You will be the first to exit college but last to enter college.
  • The only reason you may violate the above rule is when you have a fear of sitting in first bench so you make sure to come early to occupy last bench.
  • Before exam you spend maximum time in counting number of pages or SMSing with friends.
  • You are not caught in class when you chat in first bench but you are caught when you yawn in last bench.
  • You find reasons to come to college but, when you reach, you will be the first to bunk college.
  • You get screwed up if your lecturer didn't give you the marks you expected even when you know that all you wrote is crap.
  • You always kid around or play spider solitaire during labs but, in last minute you execute the already executed program and be proud of it.
  • Unity is quiet common among your friends when it comes to helping before and during exams and mass bunks.
  • You prefer bakery food or any other available to canteen food.
  • The only time you come to canteen is when you couldn't manage to get movie tickets.
  • You believe that a lot can be learnt from web than books so you are found mostly in web labs than library.
  • The only time you are in library is to return the books of yours friends whose submission date is often forgotten or elapsed or for magazines and news papers for fun.
  • You manage to smile at your lecturers even when you hate them because you want to have a good impression.
  • You hate people who compare your class section to a counter section.
  • You often find empty benches in your class.You feel extremely happy when you find your class to be full but get pissed off when your lecturers appreciate for the same.
  • You always feel proud that your class mates are better when compared with your counter section.Even when it got nothing to do with your effort.
  • The first thing you do when you reach home is to call or chat with friends even when you spend the whole day taking and gossiping with then at college.
  • The most common topic while travelling home with friends will be about lecturers or common enemies.
  • You always go in circles for the answer during viva and the source will be from the question asked.
  • You manage to write assignments, records and have fun in a half hour break allotted.
  • You chat or play bingo etc during class but you concentrate on each and every word of the lecture only when she/he is giving you important questions.
  • You always take leave for a couple of days before and after holiday(s).
  • You know every short path in the college. But you manage to take the longest one while visiting the staff rooms.
  • The only time you really like to go to staff rooms is when you need attendance or marks.
  • You manage to shop well before the Freshers/Farewell dates are around but still complain that you do not have any.
  • You are thrilled about your feasts but they either get postponed or cancelled.
  • The only thing you like about your college is gardening but-you are not allowed to sit and enjoy.
  • The only time you take a look at notice board is when you have circulars regarding holidays and attendance.
  • You relate every point above to your memory and smile. You feel bad that you are missing your college.
  • The ultimate reaction to the above is.. "antha seen ledu","chall hut","tokka le" etc. even when you are feeling the same.

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