Friday, May 07, 2010

A SMS in my Inbox

Were you ever in a gloomy mood?? The reason was because your lecturer was angry with you?? Did you wish you could tell him sorry but did not have any courage?

Well it mid of May in 2007 I remember it too well because It was the day when Mr Naresh asked my friend Jyo and me to help him out with stuff. He directly gave us the answers scripts and said "Correct this answer scripts for me". We were glad and helped him ,but due to some miss fortunate stuff were were asked to get back. I figured he sensed that we were up to some mischief.

Days passes all was going fine. Well I thought all was going fine. It was hot summer April and time to submit our project documents.We should submit our documentation by 4.30 pm and like any final year students we arrived exactly at 4.30 pm. He checked our documents and asked if any thing was missing. My heart skipped a bit. The fact was a lot was missing.We managed a lot of levels from our internal guide too. We also learnt that escaping Head of Dept.., was easy then Mr.Naresh.

He shouted on us and spoke few words but gave enough time to recover from our shock. We were asked to copy the whole thing in a compact disk and submit. We thought we managed with the project at least now.We submitted and empty CD with few things which we thought were needed like a "Walk to Remember" movie.

Frustrated I went home. I was in off mood. I called my friends. I don't know what went wrong. I still feel it was because my friends did not receive my call I directly wrote a lengthy SMS and send it to sir.

I was bitting my fingers when I realised what I have done. Like my whole project was in his hands and some subject marks too. My blood was boiling. I let a huge sigh of relief when my friend called me. I managed to stay under control and explained her what I did.

Her reaction was unexpected!!! She was laughing and took her time to say "Chill kaar yaar its Naresh sir naah..thats the only reason you dared to do such a thing naah??"I still couldn't take it. I felt some thing will happen when I get back to college tomorrow. I think God heard me and there was a SMS in my inbox.

It read

Frustration lo undi alla annanu. Do not take it inside.
m sorry.
Please forgive me ckD :)

I was shocked!

Back in college  when I showed this message to  my friend ,we literally cracked ourselves up!! When we met Mr.Naresh, we just exchanged few smiles.People thought we went mad when  we were rolling on floor and laughing  to the core. 

I always think we should be lucky enough to get those days back

I can still hear her saying "You will remember this incident and laugh like hell"

Oh well I do agree!! ^_^

[Note: The guy in the picture may not look like Mr.Naresh but he is equally cool!!! ]

Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Farewell video:Journey Of Unforgeable memories [The Making]

There was one once when I truly thought to make a small documentary for my fellow mates.The idea struck to me during second year of my life.I would like to pen down all the memories I needed to face during the making of video.

I want to tell you the truth that there were many difficulties I faced while making this video. I need to first over come my ego and laziness.Though the thoughts seem too small collecting all the pictures were not difficult at all.It was then I realized that my friends were very cooperative.Its like you cant see this group effort in CSE-B section at all ;)

I wanted to relate what I have learnt all these years to people around me.Based on that I allocated titles.I took a lot of help from picasa in doing the editing part. It was strange to me that all people appreciated my wok but none took the credit.I felt weird about it a couple of moments though.It was nice that a couple of students at my college talk to me using this video as a mediator.

I had my times when I enjoyed ,got bored and was excited.I still remember the best part was playing this video in our college during a lecture's class. We convened Mr.Naresh to play this video during his class.He was one of those persons who was jovial and friendly. I personally feel he was way to excited to watch the documentary too.

There were curious and anxious faces in my class as the concept was new to every one.Girls were way to excited but it was only then we came to know our college Desktop doesn't have sound drivers.A couple of girls rushed to their hostlers to get their laptop and fix it.But all wanted to see that on a big projector.Computer operator Mr Sai was helpful enough to let us borrow their projector screen.While the movie was played they were laughing and were happy to see their daily college on screen.Being a girl's college the news spread very fast and all came to know about my work.

Like I proud maker I say the making was the fun part apart from playing as usual.

But I provided the link here so you can enjoy too!!

Missing Droplets

Some one has rightly said -It takes only a minute to say Hello but Forever to say good bye.This picture has twelve girls who made my life colorful rite from 11 ,16 , 23 to 29, 35,45,51,20,50.
Gone are those days when we were happy and laughed at something stupid over stupid things.Gone are those days when we said Bye but hoped that we will meet next day to attend the boring lectures.
The joyful moments and stomach aching laughters. I still can remember the day I joined this college with some hope that I can make friends and now when I look back I feel it's hard to accept that it's already time to say goodbye.
Dreams might remain incomplete but friend fly too far to reach.
I realized that time just passed away when a friend of mine gave her slam book to be filled with moist eyes.Some how I felt I could read her mind...No mater how busy we are in life we made a promise to stay in contact, But deep down we know that they are not the same any more.

A farewell poem to all my friends.....

The hardest part of any friendship is when it is time to say goodbye,

and even though I wished I could make you stay,
I know I got to let you spread your wings and fly.
For life is a journey that needs to be traveled
and I am certain you'd make it through,
I just want you to know and never forget that I will surely miss you.
So follow your heart and never give up,
as dreams and wishes do come true,
for I know that someday we'll meet again,
so never forget I will be praying for you.

The missing droplets can never come back to you again.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Return of Hitler : A HOD story

All my life it was just me and my dreams and the days went ticking by.." This is one of the rarest song which pops to my head when I think about dreams.I am usually a dreamy girl who dreams day and night.

That day too I was dreaming during class. We all learnt that it was OK to dream during class especially if that class was taken by Mr. Ravinder Reddy. He is our Head of Dept.., and the way he took his classes were always boring as his subjects were dry.We used to hate his classes but were forced to attend them as many had shortage of attendance.

By and By we became more familiar with his way of teachings and know whom he would target. He used to always make the less confident and sleepy people in class to answer his questions.I used to always escape because I mastered the technique of sleeping in class with my eyes wide open and the girl ahead of me was quiet tall to cover the so called "diagonal" view.

I think it was his rule to make every one dissatisfied with life that day I was his target.I was really unhappy, obviously you cant expect me to answer his all questions but answered most of them because my friends were helping me behind his back.Unfortunately he came to know that and my ultimate punishment was to read and explain the whole lesson in next class ,that was after lunch!

I had one hour and decided to escape. We have to give a power point presentation and refer to slides to explain the stuff. With a little help from my friends we switched off the generator but out of luck as my HOD asked me to teach using black board.

Already feeling unprofessional I started to teach something as I was not prepared.

The lesson became hilarious as I created my own stuff and my HOD pointed out my mistakes.Some how I wanted to get out of the whole thing. I felt I was doomed in life .I started hating him and curses were put in an infinite loop in C program.

But now I feel , I over looked the whole thing.Yes it is common to scold and laugh when you come to know that he wear's a wig. I realized that it was OK to scold him because he was irritated enough when we did monkey business. I just learnt that he had his way with students and yes the day I realized was when, he actually beard the whole expenses for a student who met with an accident. It was not normal to do so.

I sometimes ask myself - Did he really change? He is way too good with all the student now.May be he wants to hide the truth from others that he wears a wig! Or may be he is some one like professor Snape in Harry Potter who wants the principal seat and now he got it so he is acting good.

I think he is an unimportant alien who fell on Earth after being kicked out from planet Aurora of Issac Asimov's world.Yes he is an out worlders!

I cant study in the college were an alien exists.Either he must leave or I.

So I am leaving this college in couple of days more. uffff!

[Note: My HOD doesn't look like the guy in picture.]

A Note to note

It was my last exam back in 06' when I was at school still thinking about what to do in life after completing school.
I was walking along the road kicking the fresh mud and something stuck to my shoe.At first I thought it to be dirt but it was an old ten rupee note which was inky on one side.My old school was wise enough to pour some wisdom and taught me to return the money.But deep down , my heart said to use it.
Just when I didn't know what to do with this new money I found ,a boy came by.I didn't look back and asked the boy if he has lost his money.He took the note studied it for a while and said "Well Miss I do have good memory. I wouldn't write such things on Indian currency" and left.
When I turned the note I noticed that inky stuff was a list of groceries noted by some one who didn't want to forget about it.
I decided to go home and my tiny brain had exiting plans about how I should spend my money while my Heart still was saying some funny stuff which I ignored completely.I mean why bother about someone who was careless. God wanted to me to have that money and buy an ice cream rite??!
Taking a big sigh I opened my door when I heard my mom shouted "Again?? How can you forget this time?Do you expect me to cook food with mud and air??" and my Dad replied "Honey sorry! I didn't mean too.I even wrote down the things ,I must have missed it somehow..."

Monday, May 03, 2010

What fingers can do??

Do you remember the day when you were little and you cried for a candy??Your dad used to cheer you up by keeping faces to his fingers... and you smile just for that simple trick?
Oh well the other that when i was browsing i found some pictures that sure made my smile wide and i am sure it will make yours too...Have fun...

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