Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Of Open Books and Loose Pages

-That was my last day of my job at a profound organization.

Upon getting home at around 9 in the evening, I promptly walked through the door, slumped down in a chair and cried.
It’s somewhat hard to admit that, but the reality is, after spending the vast majority of my time with the WM team for the better part of months, the reality of leaving was difficult.  It wasn’t the perfect time for me.  I thought I’d be able to ride it out for another 6 to 12 months before I set off to have a new set of adventures.
When I’d walked into my office that morning, I did my work with its-just-any-other-day attitude, pretending things to be normal and optimistic. Deep down I just knew it was my final day there.  Things didn’t turn out the way I thought they would, and it did leave me with tremendous sense of uncertainty.
I found first 12 hours were  somewhat difficult no matter how happy I felt to leave the place. It’s an adjustment, and I was in the process of recovering from uncomfortable decisions, while also preparing to make new ones.
On my second day I figured I need to take time for myself, not to worry about work and not to be afraid to cry. Aforesaid, I tried out new things to make something good for myself, as the boat will still be there next week. Also I did pen down about things -were they went right and where they needs improvement, completely preparing myself to take the next big step.
I buckled myself, brushed my hair, still holding a pen in my hand, I was standing in circle of life, to chalk out from where I started. I finally was able to see past the blur wondering how my future unfolds.

After all, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor and life- It’s really is not that simple. Wish we could find purity in Hamam’s soap or courage in Complan’s energy drink !!Sometimes a slice of life was worth tasting – all that matters in the end was -of what I become and not what I get in the path of success. Kudos to Happiness!

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