Friday, August 10, 2012

That One Apple of Love

I sat at my table starring at my laptop screen. Two web pages jingle my thoughts for now. The case files of 6.25 meeting and a strange theory that it came up with. Should I really talk about it?? Or should I wait till DBSK/JYJ reunite??
As far as my POV, these days my kasam,mah eum and meoli became one, and think only about YJ, ottokae ?? o(T_T)o
After reading these case files one thing was clear, there was no typical reason for the split. It just when the 5 boys decided to quit from SME, after that one hour HoMin stayed back. Wae? Naathu mulla. Khyundayo, jega hana maheul aljiyo, that the whole thing was planned and it was a way big drama that kpop loves to play with fans.
I can’t understand kpop fans sometimes. They are way too much. They want their idols to live exactly as they imagine. Eesanghe! Aigoo, If it’s for me, I least bother about them. Khundaeyo, this DBSK thing is still stuck to my head like an annoying chewing gum that often sticks to your shoes and you try n-number of things to get rid of it and it successfully fails. 
I wish I can more than understand the situation right now. Why am I blogging this problem? may be because it’s August, that month and year when JYJ/DBSK promised to make an important announcement. After AVEX spread a rumor that 5 boys will perform together for their Japanese concert, sparks flew all around the cyber world. I think I was one among them, who believed JYJ/DBSK reunion, but my mind strongly opposes this saying-it’s not going to happen, jeoldaeru andwaeyo, they are not going to become one.
Well the theory goes like this-anatha Yunho sama decided to stay along with Changmin  maknae in SME, only coz JYJ wanted to protect their kid. Yunho being the leader and smart one played along. Daemo, streams of drama were created through ambiguous tweets and tattoos to cause diversion and make SME believe that they split quiet literally. If SME was to win the case, which many don’t wish for, then Yunho was to help JYJ to pay the amount from inside help of SME fellow members. If SME loose the case, then HoMin was to join JYJ. But either way, theory ends with DBSK5.Doshite oppa,Didn’t you know SME is clever?
What’s usgyeo about this theory is that it was biased about the reunion. Can this really happen? Will you please make your stupid announcement instead of letting us keep guessing about your life? I think I aged half my life still thinking about Hyun Bin, Heechul and other members in military service and these guys !uff! there is way too much on my plate my sukidesu oppas.
As the topic goes , I truly miss Heechul oppa on reality shows, I don’t really like him to sing or dance but yeah love if he is in any shows. 
There was once when I showed my saved pics to my cousin who said all the DBSK guys looked the same and most of the SS4 looked like girls. I wonder what they would have said if I showed Hyung Joong? I can imagine their replies already.
Moving on with DBSK thing, I would love to end it here. A small note before I end this, no matter my mood, I just love listing to JYJ songs and I completely forgot that Homin even exist, last I saw them was in Running Man, but last I saw JYJ in reality show was come Japanese Gag concert. Either way I fully support JYJ and also support DBSK5, but it’s not that I am against DBSK but chigum HoMin is not my cup of tea.

What I am gung geumae is does Eunhyuk talk to Xiah Junsu about lawsuit? Do suju members or other SME members discuss about this? Do Donghae and Yunho know more facts or the truth than we do? Coz Junsu’s dad keep repeating this statement-“believe the rumors but not all”
May be it was right for parents to involve if it’s legally connected. My dad always sticks to me if there are legal aspects of my work. Either way, let me end with a good note,

“Jaeoonga,nan chigum sulphaeda. Doe aljana,doe Yunho ganthe gyeolhonhaeso nan haengboghae. Yagsoghae”   o(^0^)o

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