Friday, December 04, 2009


Some one has rightly said "Life is full of surprises"
elections going around and the campaigning hungamma ,I was home alone and was watching "Home Alone" on tube.I though it was going to be another great day as always..until there was a knock on the door.I answered it and was
not surprised to see another party lady requesting for votes...the usual , because they come for votes and do all kind off funny fake promises.
This women was smiling(which never happened with other teams) at me and started saying about her party...what it can do when in power..handing me the pamphlet and explaining stuff.The lady in the pamphlet was quite familiar to me.At first I thought she was my English teacher..She was way too familiar.I usually forget stuff quiet a lot times.But this time I was sure that did I met this lady in my life before.Is she Ms.Sathvendar Singh?I scratched my head a thousand times..funny that a good teacher like her turned into politics.She was always diplomatic about her opinions in social issues...was feeling weird to realise that money can attract people a lot ,but I was still was not sure if it was truly her!!
I took my eyes off the pamphlet to see the person who was looking at me.She smiled at me and requested to support her party ...but I was shocked!!! I don't know what was wrong with my Alma matter but the lady in the pamphlet was in fact the same women who campaining!!

The next day when I told my mom about this she wasn't surprised...she just laughed and said "Whats wrong in that??It always happens with you??doesn't it??remember Arpitha?? the one you met while taking your EAMCET coaching??"
How couldn't I??that was a weird one too.... I was nervous as always when its my first time....was worried that not a single girl from my college has joined the coaching....i was alone.I introduced my self to the girt who was sitting in front of me.She smiled and said her name was Arpitha and she turned around.May be two seconds passed the girl next to her smiled at me and asked me my name.
I took me a whole day figure it out that the reason the second girl was familiar to me because , she was Arpitha's twin Ankitha...!! Even today ,she still teases me about this incident...Both twin sisters are one among my good friends!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Here are few pictures i collected of Chen Shu Fen...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


This story is dedicated to Archana....and i hope Archana didn't feel much about it:))

It was my first day in the college.I had many questions regarding What am I going to do?What will I learn??Will I find friends??But then i realised it was a light to my career and my future....

As I was walking through the college gate,I meat a girl,which was quiet possible because it was a girls college!!:))..when it was time for me to attend my classes..I asked her where is CSE first year class?I was a bit scared because she looked a bit senior to me...I already learnt that juniors should not speak to seniors and quiet a lot about ragging.But to my surprise she gave me a friendly warmth smile and said she was going there too[later I learnt it was Badri who is now a good friend of mine]Journey from steps to class room was short and in this short time I learnt a little about her...Where she lives,Where did she come from, and tiny Minny details about her.It was a short day for us because it was our first day at college.The lectures were friendly enough and showed the college to us..Young minds..Enthusiastic already... personalty I was a bit scared to see such a huge campus which was comparatively large when compared to the one where I studied my inter.

Before I realised it was my second day to the college.My heart was light because every thing looked kinda familiar to me.As I was walking towards my class with a bag loaded with books already,The class was filled with lots of girls today..or more by tomorrow I thought.I was looking for a place to sit.I asked a girl in the last bench[because thats the only place i have got] whether I could sit beside her.She smiled and said yes.Then she began to ask me what I did yesterday?Got new books??And she talked to me for about 10min as if she knows me already!!
I didn't get her a bit...I stopped her and asked "Do you know me ??" She blinked her eyes as if she couldn't believe it...and then she said "What??"I repeated the question in case she didn't hear me.She was shocked and said "you met me yesterday.We were together the whole forgot about me so soon??"Oops!!

Through this incident me and Archana became friends....though she still teases me that i have very poor memory...personally i agree!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


most funny signs!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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