Sunday, December 25, 2011

Song Of Innocence-My Christmas Story

It was hot noon as I brushed my hair to settle it down. I carried three bags of sweets one for each pack of cousins.Christams in Hyderabad, as I noticed , was not like they show in western movies. No roads were covered with snow, few shops had Christmas decors and very few had Santa jingling the customers with X-mas showers.

I sighed as my car pulled its way to my aunt’s house. Big malls were decorated with Santa’s best smiling posters. All had glittering lights and shiny stickers. I watched friends exchange greetings in spite of their religion.

My car halted for red light. I saw a little girl smiling, holding a red heart shaped balloon; seated with her father (I think so) on his bike. Christmas sure brings cheers, no matter what their age, I thought.

We stopped at Tipsy Topsy, a well know bakery at Dilsknagar to buy cakes. I noticed a man dressed in red, closely resembled Santa, although he didn’t have white beard nor wore a hat. My father had a light chat with him and we came to know a little about him.

For, Mr.Pulliah, a worker at Tipsy Topsy, the day of Christmas begins at around 3 AM in morning, while most of us are tugged to sleep in our beds; this man travels about ten kilometres from home to earn his bread. From past few weeks, his job consists of carrying cakes in car and spread the Christmas marries.

In spite of his sick mother at home, he had to smile, to satisfy the customers. His tanned complexion, skinny structure and strong telanga accent, didn’t resemble the Santa of the The Times magazines, however, he still smiles and show a happy face for his customers.

As I picked my chocolate cake, I watched him upload cartons of cake and pull the key. May be it doesn’t take Reindeers or Santa’s goodie bag to spread Christmas, as long as you are there to spread happiness to everyone. This Christmas was different for me. I learnt a few, but somehow important message from God.

We pulled our car out, and I saw him wipe his sweat, as he packed some more cakes. It’s when I felt, to write this post, my way of saying ,to all those people, a great thanks for delivering happiness at our door steps, It can me Dominos’s pizza boys to road side shops’  chia wallas.

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