Saturday, December 03, 2011

A New Start

A lot has happened between my last post and this one. Well, those who do not know, it took me time to adjust to new life. From where shall I start? Probably the beginning would be the best step.
It all started when we moved to my grannies house. Here, unlike my house, people sleep at eight; life is slow, less huddles and more peace. Do I love it? I do not know yet. I wake up at five and sleep by eight. Too early for my schedule -earlier I used to sleep by 3 in morning and wake up by 6.Yes, I used to sleep less, but somehow I was more energetic and my thoughts were only to watch Joe Cheng smile at camera or notice Leetuk dimple during WGM.
But, now the life here is different. As I type my thoughts, I do not wonder when this damn “You are my pet” will release, but to cut what vegetables for my granny. The last movie which I desperately awaited was “Tangled”. Why am I putting random thoughts in this post, I don’t know. All I know is this-writing my thoughts are the best way to pass time. Of course I do not have net support right now.
Every tunnel has a light in the end, at least that’s how people face life. But I do it with a smile. There’s a lot going in my life right now. All I say to myself-CK adjust. Because at end of day I can still see Joe Cheng smile. Some way he makes my day. May be I am drama buff. But, that’s how I live and survive.
I didn’t face much difficulty in life, maybe since I have extra supporting family. But not every one is as lucky as me. When did I realize that? When one of my students got struck in front of whole college? Of course, my instant reaction should be-It’s not my cup of tea, or when my colleagues discussed about their pre and post wedding problems. But ,when its time to get off my bus, I only think my thin fingers gripping the keys of the bike awaited to take me home-in the least liked way. Of course I just say-adjust CK.
I no more screech at the Manga characters or hug pillow when Joe Cheng supports his wife with dishes, in case it’s not clear it’s a new Taiwanese drama I am watching-“It Started with a Kiss”. Slurping the warm food and hitting the bed by eight, I lay on my bed humming to Korean songs and talking the Telugu mixed Korean language to irritate by brother.
Only way to keep my energy boost up is to watch dramas. Have I met any good ones lately? Well, if you want to cry-“Wonderful life” is a must watch Korean drama. I am right now watching its equivalent Taiwanese drama called-Fated to love you. Both have the same base plot.
Highly recommended one with shoujo and laughter is-It started with a kiss, I read its Manga, watched its anime and Korean version of the same. But, I still enjoyed its Taiwanese version, reason? The actors are so good! Joe and Aerial Lin make a good pair I think. It’s as if I am watching the anime all over again.Kim Hyung Joong isn’t much of an actor, when I compare it to the Taiwanese version. I liked the ending, although the least enjoyed part was, when it was made into a Telugu movie called-“100% Love”. 
I fear the drama/Manga –“my sixteen year sister in law” concept is actually the movie Imran Khan’s “Mere Brother ki Dulhan” ,though comedy I do not want Korean or Japanese plot to be laid with Indian cast, may be I still cant imagine Nag Chaitanya's face to that of KHJ or Joe Cheng !


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