Sunday, April 03, 2011

And So he said No


“Are you all right Deepu?”

I did not reply.

“Don't worry yaar

My eyes were filled with tears again.

My best friend was on  the phone .I was deeply heart broken.I never knew how it felt to be rejected.Its been seven days now.And things were not normal for me.My whole room was a mess.I hardly had any sleep.My head started paining.Having a song playing in background,I was back with  his memories all over again.Anime_couple_by_hela3572X

When I look back I recollected  how my friends and I used to laugh at scenes in telly where girls cry over boys .Now I know how they felt. Imagine the pain you will be in , if you were stabbed with thousand swords at the same time.Its horrible right? But I prefer that  than the pain I am feeling right now.

I looked at myself in the mirror.Messy hair.No bath from don't know how many days.I was surely looking like a drunk.I am not exaggerating nor  am I referring to any Bollywood movie. This is who I am right now. I never knew I had so many tears left as I started crying again.I looked at the small heart shaped gold locket I was wearing.

This locket was a present from my mother.I asked her to give a bigger one as this was way too small .She only told me that I will figure out the reason.Obviously ,cost effective I thought! The day when my friend asked however , my reply was different. “Don't you think its too small that its not even visible?” she said.I rubbed the locket thinking deeply and answered  , “Yes. My heart is a small one.Easily given and taken. But , its too small to even break right? And you give it a little love and its full. I looked at her and smiled.She was surprised “And easily lost”,she added and we laughed.

189754_1724325679265_1572080195_1570167_4037744_nThat was long time back.We were completely stupid .I was looking at my desktop now with his best smiling pictures.The pain grew even more.There were uncontrolled tears as I shut down the PC. I was lying on the bed ,still holding the phone.

“We were stupid back then”I answered.

“And now?”


She laughed and asked ”If you promise to smile I will tell you something nice”


“No. Check your mail”


After half an hour or so I called her again.

“Thank you.Arigatho


“Yes yes” I answered with joyful tears.”They finally met.I am so happy” I said and cried uncontrollably.

The main character in the book (Japanese “Manga”) I was reading was with the one I wanted her to be.At first he rejects her but later on he accepts her.I didn't read the whole Manga because it was released on weekly bases.My friend here mailed me the scanned copy of complete story.

Bakka!! Crying over a Manga.You really are simple minded.Chelo,Lets go to IDP and celebrate”



(*Bakka : Idiot  in Japanese)

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