Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Little Me

I gathered all by stuff and got onto the bus that takes me home from my work place. Of course after a long and tired day, I could release my stress only if I see at least one picture of Min Hoo oppa.The moment I scrolled down for his pictures in my phone I came across some messy picture files that lead me to write this post.
Those were the pictures which I clicked long time ago when I visited the place where I spent my childhood. Although it’s vivid in my mind, I could see the little me following my sister everywhere, carrying the so called heavy bag with tiffin box and books.
The past of me reminded of “the wild press” game we played with my siblings and friends. We would gather all the wild flowers available in the colony and “press” them to puncture the scent of the flowers. And then we would gather all the Asoka tree's fallen leaves to keep the virtual markets, much like that of Farmville's of today’s generation. The currency used usually was the "real" like money we get in color coated Aniseed (sounf) packs, each of ps.25.
Apart from relishing the food, we felt proud to earn the fake money, which some of kids collect and keep it in their kiddy banks. I also remember how we used to  make balls using Gulmohar seeds .We crushed then to paste and press those into round shapes, which when kept in sun for three days turns into a solid and hard roll. I don’t remember playing with them though; the making was the fun part!
After returning from school and watching our favourite cartoons while munching over the hot food made by my mom, my sister used to pick me up and we would play all the imagination filled games. We used to create our own imaginary world and climb trees and thus come home wounded, but with happy missing tooth and dirt filled smiling faces.
What I enjoyed most from my childhood was not , to pick up puppies from streets, or build sand castles , but the joy of returning home with satisfied hearts and tired faces. The fact that we just ring our friends’ door bells to ask water just because we couldn’t climb two floors to reach our homes, only cause it would lessen our time of play was funny.
In a way, HIVE, made it possible to remember all these joyous moment, though not wishing to go back, yet squirreling all the fluffy feelings in my heart when thinking about them. I somehow pity kids these days for not experiencing such moments.
Well, munching the famous “Orange toffees" with childhood joy I close this post.

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