Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Open at the Close : Step into MSIT

Having completed my graduation with lots of fun and less books it was not easy for me to get into MSIT. Its a typical program conducted by CMU at both JNTU and IIIT. I was lucky enough to get into JNTU. The college in which my graduation was done was big , in comparison to my inter , but extremely small , when I saw JNTU for the first time. It was almost like a dream come true . I never expected to be part of such a big university.

As soon as I entered college, the birds were singing and the wind was whispering. I felt like God was applauding me for making into prep course of msit. The first step into MSIT was unforgettable one. There was a huge dome with glass so that one can always see the sky and aim high.The floor neat and clear , was as if they used the brightest detergents shown in Indian advertisements and one can always see their face.When I saw my self , I wondered - was this the person who was scared of even a small ant is now into pg course?was this the same person who would cry for toffees or love to play with barbie dolls , now have to play with processors and chips?

Keeping my thoughts to myself I moved on .

On the very first day we were given computers and the seats were arranged .The first time when I was taking my place. I never thought that these life less objects will be my friends and people behind them had life less souls [though not every one because I dint knew many by then!]

We were given a computer ,a mouse ,a keyboard and scary tasks. The curve is very complex.The work they give at the beginning was extremely easy ,But as we move by,  the task becomes difficult and at the end every thing seems much easy and simple.

Gone are those days where one can carry a pen, a bag or even a book. Right from school I was so uses to the thought of carrying books that they became my prop. There was always a magic when you touch and understand what you read .These data's directly find their way to right brain.Starring into PC and mastering the subjects was a different experience over all.

My first mentor was MR.Revanth. He was the most awesome and cool person one could ever think of. I never looked at his as a mentor. Minimum respect was always given but he used to help me a lot. Even though its not said directly , there is always like my batch and my kids kind off feelings with mentors. The mentors who deal with their teams remain same for couple of weeks before they are rolled. And, in this time the team becomes a family where every one helps every other person and try to survive in pool of messy tasks.

Weeks passed ,all was going well even with Mr.Murali my TA.

For me , the things that tickles my brain is anything that is concept oriented but when C language had lengthy structures and files my hands some how didn't cooperate.

At the beginning I thought I couldn't make into msit.I was finding the  pre course very difficult. But, by and by I learnt to solve the tasks by myself and I started to open my heart .But, now I feel the gates of msit to be closed. Hence -I open at the close!

One mistake and the whole of your history is changed. Not every one at MSIT is perfect. Many don't try to be as well. Kids figure out how well one can take help.

People cry,laugh,tease,discuss ,argue,support and live happily in their own world. Some forget the days of month, some forget the time and many forget their own birthdays as well! But the festivals are different here.We enjoy when we get good marks or partial outputs. We ask and give parties for the same. Many discuss their problems with mentors,chat with them and people like me who are often silent just listen to them and enjoy the jokes.

Not every one can fulfil their dreams. But this is rightly said as- at msit one can often forget their own dreams and make msit their dream. 

The rainbow is always from a pot of luck.Wishing I could get hold on that pot . I keep my trust in myself .Did I make it into MSIT?

Well, as the life lessons go , this page is also incomplete as the others, in my book of life. Let's not think about the road not taken and feel the difference!

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