Hey there!!

So we have finally met!!

Its a blog by Deepthy Chavva- A place to chisel my dreams!!

Who Am I?

Well, I love to write those little clouds of thoughts which buzz around my head. To paint my dreams into reality.

What’s in the Name?
I resemble a sun flower.One which turns towards light and warmth. Well, that’s why my folks included “Kusum” (Flower) in my name before light (Deepam a.k.a Deepthy).

Why blog my life?
I feel that all the happy moments have to be stored in a good luck jar and should be opened once in a  while for luck.
A place where I want to share all the fun stuff my life pumps into.I am not born to inspire any one,but to get inspired by everyone. 

Where Can You Reach Me?
I am available in following Sites:


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Hyderabad, A.P., India