Sunday, February 05, 2012

Girl with Blue Scarf

I added some sugar in my coffee and stirred it well. I could hear the pouring rain as I sipped it.

“Its still bitter”, I complained at the bitterness of coffee. We were at Coffee Day in Himayathnagar, remembering our sepia times. Sure life was moving rapidly for each one of us. At first it was very bitter just like this coffee, later on, for every sip, one forgets its bitterness and enjoys its warmth.

“What are you starring at?” I asked my friend who continued to stare at my mug when my head had chain of thoughts.

“Nothing”, she sighed,” Do you know what is common between Love and coffee?” she asked.

I pulled my blue scarf a little closer to cover my hair “Hmmm…I think both are warm on rainy day and their bitterness can be sweet”

She smiled “And alcohol and love?”

“Err…both give you courage?”

“No. Both make you louse control” she said it with a grin and I laughed.

“Where do you get those crazy ideas from” I tapped on her head “I know its empty”

“And you didn’t tell me who gave you that scarf?” she raised her eyebrows.

I smiled mischievously.

“What?” Her nose wrinkled “Are you serious?”

“Well, distance matters and you realize the value of relations” I said “Besides I just needed one”

“Yeah right .And it magically landed in your wardrobe?” She teased

“Well, as I told you before I got it from some one” I said.

“Who is…?”

“A human” I paid for our cups as we left. We were into Big Bazaar; our budget fitting a shopping mall.

“Is it really for me??” I didn’t want to sound surprised but my tone made it obvious.

“Yes. Who else could I give this to?” he said

“Well, we never exchange gifts” I pointed the fact
“Well” he shrugged “That’s when we were kids”

“And now?”

“Now, we are kids with filled receptacles” he answered without looking at me, typing busily for some Facebook comments.

“Are you sure you didn’t buy one for your friends-girls and they didn’t like it so the first girl you thought about ---”

“Huh?” he frowned “How did you ever think of such logic?” “Girls!! I tell you, one complex element besides ‘Impossible Answer to impossible Question’ ”

“Its 42” I replied as I tried it on “How does it look?”I asked.

“Pretty good” he answered again without looking at me, now updating the recent HIVE event-GREEN BUZZ.

“What’s the point of even--” I sighed “Oh don’t bother “I left the room with the scarf.

“Huh?” she looked confused.

“Well, not so important right now”

“So what’s new?” she asked.

“All well in life except the Hive is having some plans this June for --”

“Well, save it for future. Wish your brother luck” she checked her watch “Damn!! If I am not home in fifteen minutes you gotta visit my grave”

Her phone beeped. ”Oh mom, I started already. Coming in two minutes--”

My thoughts were vivid again as my friend answer her phone.

“Where are you going?” My brother asked.

“Some where for peace”

“Well, If Himalayas,its cold out there”


“You know, you could use some extra clothes”

“I am already wearing two coats”

“Yeah..Well..Okay” he left grumpily as I took my phone to see my friend’s text informing about the place and time to catch up.

“Find me an auto rikshaw” she demanded. We took the first auto and I saw my friend leave. I adjusted my blue scarf and held a tiny box with a message in my mood diary

“Love is poison and Potion

It makes you cry and ply

It teases you and treasures you

To a boy who made me laugh

From a girl with a blue scarf”

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