Monday, May 31, 2010

The Boy Who Lived


This is no way concerned to Harry Potter and the series of J K Rowling. But I am a great fan of Harry Potter books but I never thought that this will gain me friends.Now, when I look back I made many friends but seventy percent of them have common things that I do and most of them like reading this series. I still remember during my college days we were all strangers for each other but one day the topic was Harry potter we didn't know each other but we spoke about Him and used to discuss about a lot trough which we became friends.


But this was a very strange incident that happened and it had lot to do with Harry Potter. I was back from a super market when I saw a boy with glasses and extremely messy hair and he had a thunder mark scar near him eyebrow. What more he was accompanied with an extremely bushy haired girl and she was walking hand in hand with a red haired boy who was tall. Now any one who was in their right mind will think I was describing about harry and friends. But no! It was quiet impossible for fictions characters to come alive and walk along streets of Hyderabad! And one was carrying broom stick. I was dumb struck! I poked my brother to have a look. He saw and behaved as if nothing happened. When I asked him he sais , “If they really were wizards then you want them to know that you was them right?because they might modify your memory!” I somehow agreed. But we later came to know that they were in fact the GHMC people!.

But sometimes around September I always used to expect a letter or would think how to fly or when i break something I wished you could simply say “Reparo “

There was this typical friend of mine.We didn't know each other and we used to speak through a social networking site.And only thing we spoke about was Hogwarts and stuff.We speak as if we are wizards and we refer to each other as Draco Malfoy and other characters from the book. Though it seems funny but its always weird how we become friends and stories are always fascinating as others.

But let me remind you I like Harry Potter series but I am not addicted to it . I have read many books which are more good and help in life. Somehow it has a special space in my books cupboard.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

To Sir, with Love

If you wanted the moon I would try to make a start,

But I, would rather you let me give my heart,

To Sir, with Love

Aah this is the most beautiful song from the movie To sir,with love .So why so suddenly I remember this song? Its common for any person to think and be liked by their Sir or professors and I wanted the same too especially when I came to know about Mr.Cheran.

Mr Cheran was a very cool person who taught us Software Engineering during a coaching class. Its very popular when you are preparing for a graduation exam for pursuing M.Tech. All I wanted was to be visible and that he knows that I exists which was quiet impossible because there were two hundred students and around hundreds

batches with same strength.There was only one way to make myself visible but that was most difficult for me as I needed to top in class! It so happened that I met him again outside.I thought my story ended there.But you never know what God's plan is! No, do not expect me to top in class or by some other means he knows my name now! what were you thinking??

Today Mr.Cheran knows my name! He chants my name for every hour! So what exactly did I do??

Frankly nothing! I just changed my coaching centre and after a couple of weeks found out that he teaches there too.But why does he chants my name all the time? Simple because I was only girl in class and  there was only one kid apart from me.It was way to obvious that he has to chant my name! *chuckles* 

I think it was God's miracle and it was bound to happen!!

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