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*Disclaimer:The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.*

June 21st, 1999

As seven lacks of audience from all around the world gathered, one can expect a Guinness book of world  record to be set. Shapiro Blue lights all over the place .It was Tuesday night, 8:01 PM. The day when the “KNOC” was making their debut. The concert tickets costs you a week’s earnings, but many fans made their way to cheer their Pop Idols.

Three men stood behind the red curtains. Eric holding the mice , the lead vocalist of the group, behind him stood Vic at drums and Zac holding the guitar.

The crowd roared in glee as the curtains drew apart and the band came into focus. Among the wild audience one person stood with her hand covered in blue woolen clothes. The gun aimed at Eric. Before anyone could notice there was a faint sound and Eric lay dead.

June 21st, 2004

“What? Okay. I am coming in five” Zac hung up the phone. He took his guitar, car keys, Denim bag and drove his way to the rehearsal room. After half way round, he realized he has forgotten to get his medic pills. He pulled his car back and saw a woman standing across his path. His eyes grew wide as he recognized her. He pushed hard on the breaks and made a sharp U-turn, his last attempt to save her, before falling into the river. The women sneered as Zac took his last breath.

June 21st, 2006

A handsome man stood shyly in black suit .He smiled at the girl walking towards him. As the spectators clinched, the bride made her way towards him in shining white gown and blue veil .As they met, the priest started with the vows:

“Vic, do you take Xie, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death as your wife”

“I do…”

June 21st, 2008
*The Korean Herald*
Seoul, June 21st:: World’s famous drummer was excited as he held his son for the first time. Mrs. Vic has delivered her second son here at Lenox Hills Medic Center this morning .Vic was found to be happy and said it was the second happiest moment of his life.
According to reports, the baby boy, unlike his former son, will also be named after his late friends. Those who do not know, the members of the famous boy band “KNOC” had mysterious deaths in the pasts. Although a case has been filed and is being taken up by Park David, there are still no suspects revealed from past eight years. A slight tension was raised among the fans leading to why the government is being kept silent, when they hope  justice be done for the members of “KNOC”.

June 21st, 2009

Around twenty two cameras, twenty reporters and nearly ten important press channels have gathered at Dahehanmingug Jeongwon. Three people sat at the press pulpit. A handsome man consoling his wife and Manager Kim, standing grumpy, who addressed the gathering:

“Anasayo, as you know Mr.Vic and his wife Mrs. Xie have an important announcement to make .I am pleased  for all who have gathered. I would like Mrs. Xie to proceed with the meeting”

The lady dressed in blue, pretty looking but sad, held the mice. She took a deep breath, gathered her taught, closed her eyes as if to calm herself and then she spoke softly

“I killed Eric.”

Though it was said in lowest tone possible it wasn’t unheard. There were lots of “hushs”, huh’s and “no way’s among the crowd but she stayed put. Jets of tension rose  among the audience as she continued,

“It was me. I couldn’t take it. My friend and I liked the same person. So the only way to get rid of the problem was to kill him” She gulped.

“I know Vic and Eric even before KNOC was formed…”

She  was taken back as hurricane of doubts were hit. The reporters showered her with questions. Manager Kim tried to control  the hazy waves but in vein  “Mrs.Xie would answer only few questions and then we gather with the hearings. So proceed with your questions” He added hurriedly.

One person stood up “Hello. I am reporter from EBC news, Can you elaborate as to why you killed Eric and married Vic? Were you responsible for Zac’s death as well???”

Xie burst into tears. Vic put a consoling hand, “That’s it.No more comm-“

“No I am okay. I can go on” she blubbered him mid way  “I didn’t kill Zac .It was an accident.” She paused.

“Vic. I loved Vic and so did she. So I killed him” Her eyes budged in confusion

“I liked Vic but I killed Eric?” She repeated as she turned towards Vic in disbelief ”I..I.. killed the wrong person?”

June 21st, 2012

“Thirteen years, two deaths, open confession of the culprit. Yet she wanders in broad day light” I squeaked.

“Ms Deepthy, you are new here. Please calm down. I know for a new intern it will be an interesting case. Chasing handsome guys and questioning aggressively, but the case was closed long back” Detective Park toted back.

“And why was that?” I handed him the file “Look here. It just says no enough evidence .Any four year old can solve it. Why then this case has been closed?  Why is the media keeping quiet??Are UFO’s involved? Did some ghost do it? Can’t you catch hold of the culprit? Many honest souls are waiting Mr. Park, for a right decision to be made!”

“Yes a ghost did it”


“Alright, here you go” He pulled out a nearly torn file also named “KNOC” .Under it, bold letters “C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-I-A-L” were popping out.

I took the file and looked through it .Evidence say that Mrs. Xia was suffering from certain mental disorder and hence half of what she did or confessed was false. She was indeed present at the site when Zac pulled his breaks, he died ,while attempting to save her. However, the true mystery lies here. A man’s finger prints were found on the gun from which Eric was shot.

These prints match exactly to those of Eric. No one knew if there was a band rival or as to why or how he killed himself. Alongside, Mrs. Xia was found to be innocent .New theories suggest that, before Zac’s death, he received a call from his manager and suggested him to hide for safety. What could be  the reason for Zac to hide?Why was this news not made public?

Korean pop is now popular, how can it be made public when three talented singers were involved, who were popular even before their debut, be known to other fans over the world and what effect can it make to the Korean market? In some way Korean government played along.

Some fans started to believe that the band name itself was a taboo as K-N-O-C when reversed sprouts death. I sighed at how bad my first assignment failed .Being into a public detective agency was hard.  As the weather started to pour heavily, I held the mug and sipped the hot coffee ,listening to another kpop song,I tried to cool my head,leaving behind the clouds of thoughts.

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