Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Letter To No One

Dear No one,

Though we have never met before, I know I like you. I like how you pay the bills for me, and keep surprising me all the way with you expensive gifts. Though I do not like it, often felt shy, but somehow I enjoy your company-quiet literally. I love how well you remember my birthday comes in a month of October when sun hides and snowflakes fall across our window pane and you very well clean it without hesitation. Although I do like your gifts, I still prefer if you give me what our Miss. Neighbor got for her birthday-a pearl set with extra diamonds.

I know you always enjoy cleaning house, cooking for me and taking care of my financial needs and hence I keep all my pay to myself. In spite of me not feeling well, you do take care of me and our dog Tommy together. I like how you maintain our garden in our backyard and how well you dry clothes and make a flower bouquet just for me.

You never hesitated to fix me a cup of coffee while I am watching TV even when you return late from your workplace. Remember I do help you in every situation of life, because I clearly remember what you would have said-My smile and happiness is your only source of energy in life. Though your friends say that I am too possessive, I love the reply you would give them-you cannot live without me.

Although it’s a bit annoying on how you make so many phone calls just to know I am feeling good, while I am in office, I would still say I like you in all aspects and how every girl would love to have you. Ah yes, I think the world is jealous of me, well ,hope you don’t forget to put that beautiful pearl set in the  gift pack you were planning to give me for our Twelve Thousand Seventy eighth ‘I-Miss-You-Today Party’ along with the dress we shopped together.

I just love how you never repeat your gifts and never fight with me. You are full of surprises.

Meet You Soon


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