Wednesday, September 26, 2012

White Geojismal

Well, everyone wears falsehood in their lives, don’t they?? When you want to hide something or want not to answer it, it’s then you speak the unwanted or unheard words or keep quiet about it. Have I lied in my life or is this post some sort off a confession?? Read to make out  ^.^)

In the midst of me living my life in pool of kpop, thinking my desktop monitor screen was the road to my oppas and their yeonghwa n nolaeleul  were my life. In such a life, having virtual connections, not aware of reality , not spending my bucks on use less CD’s or movies, but trusting sites like epdrama ,mysoujo ,allkpop, and youtube where I can download cheap cost free pirated versions and satisfy my kpop hunger and addiction. 

May be  there were times I thought what if they come to India or have a concert here- well, it’s that’s a kkum-eul! Those were some stupid unrealistic dreams. India has everything -population, economy and better understanding people than South Korea. But, for few, very few these are not enough. Like those terrorist fighting for so called “their” properties. Some settled in other countries coz “their Mother Land” didn’t put right their ply and for few, very few like me- wanted a change.

JJs Tweet pic in India
It was under these chained crazy thoughts; I heard a rumor that Jaejoong oppa was in India. Thanks to sasaeng  fans and tweets we were able to find his where abouts in two days and the info turned out to be true. I do not think he expected there were fans in India. So when some unnies from IKFG (Indian Korean Fan group –which I am part of as well for obvious reasons) visited the place, there was already tight security. Either ways, following or stalking for two whole days, they got his sign. 

No photographs or meetings, just a sign. Two days prior to these things, I desperately wanted to visit him. My stupid mah eum had nappeoun thoughts of meeting his. I was ready to go alone to Rajasthan, get his sign or meet him or just get a glimpse of his shadow. May be, one might think I am a despo fan girl. But either way-Sep 26th turned out to be a dream day for me.

Best Cook My Nampyeon
So what happened on this day to me exactly? It depends on whose POV you wanted to see the day.

If you see it from my students eyes- Madam didn’t come to college coz she might have suffered from fever.

If you are my mom or family- I went to college as usual and came  home late coz of bad traffic in the city

If you are colleagues of mine- You think, I am at Rajasthan desperately trying to meet JJ

If you are my best chingus- You think I lay at home, taking a day break and sleeping peacefully.

If you are IKFG member- You think I am at some lobby waiting for JJ or holding JJ's autograph

So, did I get to meet JJ?? Did I get his sign??  Let me resolve  your ambiguity for now. I told you it was the day I realized the line between factuality and follies. The day when I get to know myself, it was the happiest day of my life.
JJ Sign

Friday, September 21, 2012

Geu Nunmul

Appa tho mulla, omma tho mulla, nan ulgo. Wae? Nathu mulla. Hagaien, nan pigonayotha.
Today, my day started with five in the morning. It was one of those days, when I wake up early but still be late. Yes, it happened on my fresher’s day, on my senior grad days, and one of those cultural event days and got repeated today. Those days, when you plan week in advance, prepare all the stuff you need for the D-day and end with the ultimate-I am dead tired >__>

There was inspection at our college today, I was to represent a staff member, and hence the traditional wear. There are good and bad things about being traditional. One- people recognize you or at least think of you as a faculty and two you are comfortable with your attire. The bad part is the good part of being comfortable and hence you cannot wear it every day! And the making takes a lot of time to wear a saree.

I am dead tired already as I type this bull. Yes, you read it right; these were one of those days when I am trying to figure out my needs. With placements going around my home, the return of the seulpeo days has called up. Sasil, nana nomu haembukkada. Wae? Khunya, I watched Apink’s Reply 1997, domu chuwa!!!^^ It didn’t affect my mood when whole of the inspection in my college screwed up, khundaeyo it adds least to my interest.

If plot be said, it starts off with celebrating the reunion days when couple of friends gathers for a party. The story is told in bits, rewinding from past to present. As the drama plays, we are slowly introduced to characters and their relationships. But, the rating was very high for this drama? Wae? Coz even though it says all, it hides all too. I mean the main character’s husband is not revealed until the 16th episode, so it keeps the viewers to guess who is the nampheyoun? I loved this drama!! 

Chincha!! Too much of sweet is too bad, but my song joon ki oppa never fails to disappoint me. Yes, nan saranghamidha!! Nice guy, the story has dark past, revenge and honest people, where you are left with a choice to whom to hate. Well, they show each side of the character and their point of views. So the viewers are left with an awe to accept their choice. 

After Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I thought Youchan was the only one who played his role best. Song Joon ki was more of a supporting role with brains. When I watched him in Running Man, throughout the series he had Song-Song scandals and proven to be more ttogttoghae, but in Nice guy, he was Chincha Daebak!! maldo andwae ,chincharu!! Oppa meosja! =^0^=

As to why I ulgona in taxi, was coz I was dripping wet in Bi , khurigu, nan himdurowatha and nomu musowathaso, nana ulgoso. Miyane Yunjae oppa, uri Fighting!!

Mood: Tired -__-
Song: Suddenly by Kim Bo Kyun

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