Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Return of Hitler : A HOD story

All my life it was just me and my dreams and the days went ticking by.." This is one of the rarest song which pops to my head when I think about dreams.I am usually a dreamy girl who dreams day and night.

That day too I was dreaming during class. We all learnt that it was OK to dream during class especially if that class was taken by Mr. Ravinder Reddy. He is our Head of Dept.., and the way he took his classes were always boring as his subjects were dry.We used to hate his classes but were forced to attend them as many had shortage of attendance.

By and By we became more familiar with his way of teachings and know whom he would target. He used to always make the less confident and sleepy people in class to answer his questions.I used to always escape because I mastered the technique of sleeping in class with my eyes wide open and the girl ahead of me was quiet tall to cover the so called "diagonal" view.

I think it was his rule to make every one dissatisfied with life that day I was his target.I was really unhappy, obviously you cant expect me to answer his all questions but answered most of them because my friends were helping me behind his back.Unfortunately he came to know that and my ultimate punishment was to read and explain the whole lesson in next class ,that was after lunch!

I had one hour and decided to escape. We have to give a power point presentation and refer to slides to explain the stuff. With a little help from my friends we switched off the generator but out of luck as my HOD asked me to teach using black board.

Already feeling unprofessional I started to teach something as I was not prepared.

The lesson became hilarious as I created my own stuff and my HOD pointed out my mistakes.Some how I wanted to get out of the whole thing. I felt I was doomed in life .I started hating him and curses were put in an infinite loop in C program.

But now I feel , I over looked the whole thing.Yes it is common to scold and laugh when you come to know that he wear's a wig. I realized that it was OK to scold him because he was irritated enough when we did monkey business. I just learnt that he had his way with students and yes the day I realized was when, he actually beard the whole expenses for a student who met with an accident. It was not normal to do so.

I sometimes ask myself - Did he really change? He is way too good with all the student now.May be he wants to hide the truth from others that he wears a wig! Or may be he is some one like professor Snape in Harry Potter who wants the principal seat and now he got it so he is acting good.

I think he is an unimportant alien who fell on Earth after being kicked out from planet Aurora of Issac Asimov's world.Yes he is an out worlders!

I cant study in the college were an alien exists.Either he must leave or I.

So I am leaving this college in couple of days more. uffff!

[Note: My HOD doesn't look like the guy in picture.]

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