Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A Note to note

It was my last exam back in 06' when I was at school still thinking about what to do in life after completing school.
I was walking along the road kicking the fresh mud and something stuck to my shoe.At first I thought it to be dirt but it was an old ten rupee note which was inky on one side.My old school was wise enough to pour some wisdom and taught me to return the money.But deep down , my heart said to use it.
Just when I didn't know what to do with this new money I found ,a boy came by.I didn't look back and asked the boy if he has lost his money.He took the note studied it for a while and said "Well Miss I do have good memory. I wouldn't write such things on Indian currency" and left.
When I turned the note I noticed that inky stuff was a list of groceries noted by some one who didn't want to forget about it.
I decided to go home and my tiny brain had exiting plans about how I should spend my money while my Heart still was saying some funny stuff which I ignored completely.I mean why bother about someone who was careless. God wanted to me to have that money and buy an ice cream rite??!
Taking a big sigh I opened my door when I heard my mom shouted "Again?? How can you forget this time?Do you expect me to cook food with mud and air??" and my Dad replied "Honey sorry! I didn't mean too.I even wrote down the things ,I must have missed it somehow..."


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