Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Farewell video:Journey Of Unforgeable memories [The Making]

There was one once when I truly thought to make a small documentary for my fellow mates.The idea struck to me during second year of my life.I would like to pen down all the memories I needed to face during the making of video.

I want to tell you the truth that there were many difficulties I faced while making this video. I need to first over come my ego and laziness.Though the thoughts seem too small collecting all the pictures were not difficult at all.It was then I realized that my friends were very cooperative.Its like you cant see this group effort in CSE-B section at all ;)

I wanted to relate what I have learnt all these years to people around me.Based on that I allocated titles.I took a lot of help from picasa in doing the editing part. It was strange to me that all people appreciated my wok but none took the credit.I felt weird about it a couple of moments though.It was nice that a couple of students at my college talk to me using this video as a mediator.

I had my times when I enjoyed ,got bored and was excited.I still remember the best part was playing this video in our college during a lecture's class. We convened Mr.Naresh to play this video during his class.He was one of those persons who was jovial and friendly. I personally feel he was way to excited to watch the documentary too.

There were curious and anxious faces in my class as the concept was new to every one.Girls were way to excited but it was only then we came to know our college Desktop doesn't have sound drivers.A couple of girls rushed to their hostlers to get their laptop and fix it.But all wanted to see that on a big projector.Computer operator Mr Sai was helpful enough to let us borrow their projector screen.While the movie was played they were laughing and were happy to see their daily college on screen.Being a girl's college the news spread very fast and all came to know about my work.

Like I proud maker I say the making was the fun part apart from playing as usual.

But I provided the link here so you can enjoy too!!

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