Thursday, August 26, 2010

You Are Just The Way I Imagined



Not every day one can imagine their dream to come true. Likewise, not everyone will feel the passion to make their dreams come true.

One often gets up from their dream world to know what’s waiting in the real world. Life is simple, if you figure out what you want. It is complex, if you mess up with what you have. Some call it sixth sense and some call it common sense .I call it magic of love. No, I am not talking about an ideal love here. I am just referring to a common belief. One might think I am crazy .People who know me well, know how much I adore animated characters.

It so seems that there is one anime character I like a lot. He is Ryu Amakuza.He is tall, handsome and like any character, he lives only in my imagination. This character took its birth in “Detective School Q” show. But managed to live with me forever.

Sometimes I mess up with people’s name and a lot of times with features. If I like someone, I add up a lot of anime characters and features into them and regret later! You see the person living in my brain will be quite different from the real one! Aah. I was in trouble a lot of times because of this!!

clip_image001There was a girls night out and couple of friends came by for a common gathering. It’s obvious that when more than one girl meets, the common topic will be about guys! I am one of those persons who would not generally have a boyfriend or speak to guys. So I used Ryu for that!

So what exactly happened? I kept my left brain to work and thus the creativity in me developed. I created fascinated stories. Like my boyfriend and I were going to a pub for dinner [yeah right! who cares about bill, everything is in mind remember?!]

The stories were kept in an infinite loop in any common programming language. I was taking notes of all the crap I spoke, so as not to forget in future. I have very less memory and the result was, I lost the diary or rather, forgot where I kept it!

I developed an easy way to escape. When people ask about my boyfriend, I usually say-“huh? He has changed so I dropped him”. By and by days passed and all seemed well. Like I said all the crap in the world has to reach a gutter.

My life’s gutter seems to come to an end very soon. It was a typical rainy day when I met the person whom I created!!NO KIDDING! It’s not like a movie story! It is true-the characters and the features as well! [Except-that guy had black hair unlike Ryu who had blue].

So, who is this guy who peeped into my life now? We live in a sci-fi world where it’s Ok to see UFO’s, then why not one can see a character she created? I don't think it’s strange as well. God’s imagination perfectly matches with mine I guess!!

If you are still reading this then -You are just the way I imagined, swear on Ryu !You can close the window now!!



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