Thursday, September 02, 2010

Standstill Love

After watching my favourite anime I always ask myself, does it reflect life? Of course not! But then, every anime does reflect live somewhere or other. I asked this myself quite often when I first watched Onegai Teacher (Please Teacher). This anime had a weird plot as well.

Kei Kusanagi, a boy who falls into “Standstill” for three years. It eventually makes him imageto  look fifteen years old even when he is eighteen years. In Anime or Manga, the character gets into such state only from emotional stress. But in real life can anyone fall into standstills?

I have very close relations to Anime and I think I do fall into standstills in my life for some period of time but not as long as Kei!!I often referred it as “getting bored” rather than standstills.

There was a time when I felt sick for really long time and I needed to cut though school. Since then I never believed in people. This was the time when I became strong as well as weak in some situations. But I thought these will soon go away if I had my own time for Fun. When I finally got into my junior High I thought I would overcome it. But these standstills keep following me everywhere!

  My longest one was however when I envied Louisa May Alcott. I first read her work when I was twelve. But it moved me a lot. Since then I always wanted to write my heart. As a kid, I always ended up writing some crazy poems and often made my folks laugh. I never really liked serious writing until I learned about Alcott.

images (1)Writing makes you calm, think twice, be matured and most of the times mischievous. Well, it depends on what you like to write and what you actually are. I often experience world unreached. I bind my writings with huge imagination which helps me to be more like Yamazaki Takashi (CCS) at times.

It was in my pre teens when I fell in love with one I cared about. He lived only in my imagination. He is very good at drawing, solving the unsolved mysteries and was only person to solve the entire paper conducted by famous Dan Detective School (DDS). He is often serious and lot of mysterious. Great deal of talent withholds within him making him look even more handsome than he actually is. I fell into standstill when I saw him at first. I think it was love at first sight!

But when I came out of my standstill I realized the guy with blue hair was none other than Amakusa Ryu, the boy who gave me courage to fight at times became my sixth sense.

I became a writer and a poet only because of him I think.

Into standstill I fall

Whenever you call !
When the phone I touch
reminds me of how I miss you so much

I am lost when you stare
There's nothing else to compare
the sight of you leaves me weak
There are no words left to speak

Leave your girl
    if it's quite alright
I waan be in your World
   to warm a lonely night
I love you

Believe me its true

My heart is an unfilled knapsack
Waiting for your love to pack
I ran out of rhymes
Out of mind at times
I just love you Ryu



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