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Life= (Faith + Dreams) x Happiness*

*Cussing is a default parameter. Its directly proportional to pay scale of your neighbors ,friends or other near and dears . If unemployed, this factor tends to infinite.


This is work of pure fiction. This article is not recommended for candidates who are placed in higher positions and still not happy with it. This article is also not recommended for those who are married, found happiness and reached their goals and dreams in life. You are requested to exit this window if your are facing social hazard problems, computer illiterates or having fear of ghosts as one might be behind you reading this along with you. Finally, this article is not recommended for intimates, ingrates or anyone professing an irrational fear of cats or any other mammal, those who have a penchant for time wasting, illiterates and lawyers. Eating before reading may result in unhealthy indigestion. Not recommended for people over the age of 120.
This guy, below, was not injured while making this article and the bread and coffee were consumed and have not been wasted.
The author is not responsible directly/indirectly for your unemployment

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Google for providing me with pictures and platform for utilizing my unemployment and partly the reason for it as full credit goes to Facebook. Thanks to this stool guy who, in my life, was the only one who listened to me and last but not the least-A very special thanks to the Editor, The Content Manager, the Grammar Checker and Seed Idea Manager- ME. 

So have you been suffering from unemployment and you are sure to get a job later but you are the victim of what-are-you-doing-now tag asked by nosy social creatures and  are you looking for avoidance? 

Let me help you with this as I believe I got enough experience .There is no rule to follow the same as the parameters considered might differ. Also, if there are any more you want to share, please be kind and let me know as the society is really hungry for gossip and wants to eat innocent unemployed people like us.

Before I start up, I would like to elucidate in advance, this question is like a chewing gum stuck to the bottom of the shoe, which is hard to get rid of, and annoying and probably you yourself want to get dispose of. 

I really did not care when many of my well wishers or so you I call them ,kept asking “what’s next after graduation?” or “what are you doing now?” Until recently this incident happened.

There was a tech fest going on in my college and some junior more like some guy almost five years younger to me asked for advice for his event. I listened to his idea and suggested some of mine. He was surprised at first, probably not expecting me to come up with such a good idea (no self boasting intended!) but what really shook me was when he asked “Madam, you have a global knowledge on anything under the sky. Why don’t you try for a job in industrial sector?” My eyes popped out.

When you are unemployed, basically every one around the globe advises you. You automatically become the common topic, I wonder if  I can get employed for  this kind off fame. The good point is -everyone knows you or comes to know about you; the bad point is everyone knows you!!!

What’s so good about it? Every one cares for you, suddenly showing interest in ,and about what you will be doing later in life. Every job related advertisement which was once funny turns sarcastic. Every job in the news papers are informed to you, as in “Govt. post in maternity hospitals –Apply with 55% in tenth” while you are an Engineering graduate with 65%+ of academic excellence.

There is stress, agony and tension as younger ones and more dull ones compared to you get high pays . A laugh at a joke, a movie with friends and mostly the attending  weddings and party gathers ,which were once fun will turn to pun. After all these, the typical parents shoot you with questions like-“I never asked you to lift weighs just a decent job with good salary”

Mind you, this question is ambiguous one. By decent they mean a job with pay scale as high as a fresher could get or  a government jobs. Even spam message interests you. You turn out to be every ones helper and driver .If there’s a party at your great grand uncle’s son’s twice removed cousin house, you are called for help. Updating your resumes becomes a piece of cake and you get awfully stressed if someone asked you the procedure for applying a job becomes that's your eye candy.

To summaries things up-There are basically three choices for you -Avoidance, Escape and Shoot smooth answers.Eat less food. Oh well, most of the time the career advices are picked up at lunch times or at dinner tables. It’s quicker to swallow food and escape.

If any neighborhood aunty or someone asks you “You are still unemployed? My daughter is already doing a job”. Then just smile and say things like “Oh good for me. So what are good dates for marrying your daughter”.  Oh , their daughter or son is of same gender as you are? No problem, add things like “Thank god they changed the Indian marriage law systems!! Now I can legally marry her (or him)”

So , on a good note, if you're unemployed and you go to apply for a job and you're not hired for that job, see a lawyer - you may be able to file for a claim because you were discriminated against because you were unemployed!! Take life with a pinch of salt. The bread and butter's gonna wait for the future. Every thing is temporary and unemployment as well. Just face it with a smile, if it's not a happy ending-then its not an end.

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