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The tip of the pen kissed the paper as I wrote the words A-K-T-F. I saw the glittering ink dry thanks to the air pushed to us. I closed the cap of fountain pen as I looked around the room. One side of the wall had an abstract painting hung on wall and on the other side , the curtains were dancing along the green walls , rhythmic to the air pushed by the electric fan. The room was big , but small for an Principal’s cabin. I looked at Jyo and she smiled. Ah, I missed that smile for almost two years now.

My friend, Jyo returned to India after her Masters. Sure, we came to visit our old college and met our lecturers and dear old non living friends. The packet of Rasgullas clinched in her hand adding to the sound of the fan, the unintentional  source of noise in the room, which was otherwise silent.

We were still waiting for then our HOD, now the principal of the college, who was busy attending a phone call. I looked at my doodle –AKTF. We met all our professors prior to this meet and  surprisingly most of them remembered us. Well, you see, I was not a very bright student and definitely not the one to stick my nose in things adding to thin threads !! We had not-so-missing canteen food for lunch and we walked through the least unfamiliar walls of green to meet the last staff member. 

He was still on phone when my thoughts wandered around the lines of Disney’s Tangled.

“Rapunzel:  I've been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it's not everything I dreamed it would be?

Flynn Rider: It will be.

Rapunzel:  And what if it is? What do I do then?

Flynn Rider: Well, that’s the good part I guess. You get to go find a new dream.”

It been roughly three years that I am into teaching profession. And honestly, do I actually enjoy this filed? Has it turned out the way I wanted? The way I dreamed about? If it is, then what’s the next course on my table? Well, it really did not turn the way as I hoped for it, but even today, I do enjoy the forty minutes of lecture in class. The catch is-Do my students enjoy it as well?  But I love this field.

“Dumbledore:  All this time?

Snape:  Always.”

Yes Dumbledore always enjoyed my profession! 

So, any regrets? I just wanted to be honest at least this once. I always pictured myself with black board and chalk. And look! I am where I dreamed off. My dream may not be interesting, like projecting to be dumb at first and after some miracle Voila!! I turn on my extra smart head landing with excellent job like a typical Tollywood movie. Silly me,I adore the beauty and satisfaction when dreams come true. It may be small and perhaps unnoticed but the pleasure is immense. And, that’s how I live. It’s just, may be little things always please me. May be there was a time when I used to compare a lot. Now, I leant to let go of things.

Finally my thoughts returned as Mr R Reddy spoke, “So, where are you guys now?”

We spoke for almost an hour describing our lives and he suggesting us with, I mean with, okay!!! I kind of dozed off and didn’t listen to rest of his worlds, just like the old times, we never once listened to his classes as well!!

May be some things never change! Like Jyo’s smile, still the same confidence she boosted into me and still the same naughty stuff we had done all along. Mr. Naresh was at his best again. We quite love this guy!!. A good mentor but not a good professor!! Always holds a special place. 

He asked ,” How are your students?”

I just smiled remembering the little caption jingling my thoughts from movie Pilla Zamindar

"Ramana: NCC a NSS a?

PJ: ATM lo pancard pette sanasilu.

I smiled. That’s how I have been facing the world. “They are good”, I replied.

I may not work hard but I Always Keep The Faith!

Faith in DBSK and JYJ reunion. Faith that always good happens to me. May be Jyo was right. May be some good might happens to me  It’s just I need to wait. I always make sure to arrive early for any appointment as I hate waiting and I do not want my companion to suffer the same.

We called it a day and made a move for home . I smiled at Jyo. The smile she always asked me to treasure.

Life is like bread spread with layers of jam of dreams. It takes right amount of jam to make the bread sweet and the extra jam which you though you needed, which drops while you eat, was just to add the flavor, but never meant to be taken along or to reach you ,just like those unsuccessful dreams. I think all the bad happens first and good comes next, why?I believes in happy endings.

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