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Walking In Parallel With Time, My 4th Dimension of Life

This post is solely dedicated to the time I spent at TimesPro, An institute backed by Economic Times Head , for those who want to embark their career in Banking realm.

People say , the best way to tell something is to start from the beginning, that's probably the finest way to allow things to fall in place.

Excuse me for being selfish here as I start with the I statement. Yes, I joined this institution after preparing for bank exams like IBPS, SBI and other private banks. Sure, I learnt a lot in terms of quantitative math but it was just not seemed enough to compete with ruthless sparks. Call it a personal bay to escape the competition or with a merry plush family , I joined TimesPro after having continuous unsuccessful attempts in these bank exams.

When I first joined here, I was nervous, heart of hearts , I still regret not making through MSIT and figured this might turn out to be same. Surrounded by graduate chaps, I felt insecure to sit next to them. Barred the age and my educational background that I backed, I didn't know anything about banking and finance. Having said that, I also had almost two years of experience as an Assistant Professor at local collage, which binds to the fact that so called friends were of the same age as my students making it difficult for me to interact with them. All I thought was, things never happen same way twice, which on later course came to be true.

My first blow came on the first day itself. Sirisha, my mentor had a toughest job of making us professional and to get the class out of cosy college life. She told us, that because she interviewed and selected us, we will make through the course with flying colors ,which was not true in my case! (I was not interviewed by her, which, back then  I took it quite literally. Later I realized she meant the grooming part under her shadow). She even rated me as overconfident and good at communication skills.

Of course I was overconfident, always hide the facts and never cared for others, vouched for my personal benefits. Wild it might sound, but I had a pressure to take up a job when younger ones were already paving their own paths, which makes it less lucrative for me to even care for others journey. I showed extreme apathy and felt books were my world. Amidst all this I made two friends -Mohit and Girish -Both younger to me by five, both knew my secrets or weakness and both were cooperative to help me up with basic Accounting theories. 

I was accepted, corrected and helped and we somehow formed a group of three. There were some disputes but I stuck to these two till the end. Group-ism is an imperative idea and it's both good and bad. First, it's helpful and has your group of friends for case studies , Bad, cause you do have your own secrets and do not let others mingle with your group. In fact, it isolates you with rest of the class, which I never adored on personal front.

There was one more guy ,who was helping me on this, Anurup, yes, he was young lad and always stood above the crowd. Constantly annoys people with his baseless theories , has a go-getter attitude and was often pinpointed for laughing late at jokes. I felt he was matured barred his age, probably because he comes from the same scoop as my brother- Amalgam of BVBPS and GITAM. But, it was through this guy I was able to meet rest of the kids in class. Although I share an entirely different journey with him on his impractical theories, I don't want to embed that segment here, which might lead to an aggressive debate with him later on.

Pradyumna- He is the lucky-go-baby of our class. No matter what, he cracks things up, lightens the situation and a person with sweet tooth. He loves food and smiles all the time. He is my favorite puppy. The best connect with him- his cousin was a student of mine at Sri Indu college, which was for some time our secret. But, it didn't take long for the rest of the class to find out basing on the fact that no secret can be taken to grave. When I come back home after schedules I usually talk about this guy, his jokes, his views, his hobbies, his food eating style and everything about this kid. So far, my family and even my grandparents know about his existence!! I treat him like my student, an immature brother and a good friend. He makes people laugh and always carry the goody-goody attitude.

It's through him, I was tagged into his group of friends. As I mentioned, group-ism is a tough place to be. There were good and God blessing moments but things went sticky after some time. Bared Sandhya, for me the rest of the girls were kids. I treated them (Sreeja & Sahithi) as sisters, with care and sympathy, offered advices ,been assertive and helped them with things I was capable off. 

Sandhya was different. She had homely nature and had an easy-to-mingle vibe. I liked her, mostly I looked her as a replacement for my missing graduate friends. Although, she comes from the same college as I do, I still loved her , shared all my unprofessional matters and barter her with professional advices. She was the first one to notice my happiness, my tears, my friendship, my ego, my girly chats, my passion and encouraged me in endless ways. Now, If I look back, she was always there. No matter what people told me about her, She was there, for me, always! When I exit from any phase in life, I leave friends behind, But, I will breach this rule, for only her, as an exception.

Understand that people make organization, not its ambiance or infrastructure. For me, it was these people who made my existence successful at TimesPro- Mohit, Girish, Pradyu, Anurup ,Sandy and of course Sirisha , at both personal and professional levels.

There were times when my folks at home always used to complain- That I was turning into kid by being with them. I laughed at this statement -It was amusing, overwhelming and honestly I felt good, enthusiastic, reloaded and  my mind was much free to be with like minded people. For some time, I felt younger, childlike and maybe even experienced some winsomeness. 

TimesPro was an entirely derailed phase of my life and I am bound to remember it for a life time. Everything I did, I underwent and I paved was my first. My first to lie to parents to watch a movie with friends, My first to get into a job with an offer letter,My first to Film Shoot , My first to have guys in my friends list (although they were younger to my bro!! ) , My first to be extremely expressive, My first to mingle with people ,My first to fight,  My first to experience a covet relation , My first to think I can do good to people, My first to understand the two sides of the coin ,My first to act matured and the growth path that paved along my way.

I enjoyed every ounce of it, gulping the energy I could gather and above all, for the first time as I exit away from TimesPro, stepping out physically , I was Stepping in emotionally. It's easy for anyone to live in the past and hope for the future, but I realized I was ready to face the desired present with these memories, the warm hug that Sirisha gave before the interview, the courage my friends bestowed (Both TimesPro and Non-TP friends as well) and blessings my family and akin always had . I march with these,my armor in the financial arena- Highly excited to see where it takes me...!!

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