Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Go Figure!!

Well,This is my birthday present for Myself !!
Only to brief it out, I lost my childhood at school, adosolence at junior college ,teens during degree and of course my freedom as student during my PG.What I didnt lose are memories which I can relate to..even today...I just found a fun way of filling things up :)
1 number of finger I use to SMS/chat
2 number of siblings I have
3 the time at which I sleep(morning)
4 the finger on which my wedding ring goes on(left of course)
5 current page of the book I am reading now(“absolute power” by Baldacci)
6 number of times I fell while learning to drive
7 my lucky number all the time
8 number of times I eat (including mid night)
9 number of working hours per day
10 the month I was born into
11 number of Barbie Dolls I have till now
12my current laptop battery charge percentage
13number I consider most unlucky, even when nothing bad happened.
14 only number which is not related to my life in any way!
15 number of posts I wrote in Hive (till now)
16number of steps I need to take to reach my classroom
17 number of holidays I got due to T-bandh
18 number of letters in my name
19number of tabs I open while working through internet
20 Number of years I studied, though I don't remember much
21 My past age
22 My present age ^-^
~Happy Birthday~

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