Friday, October 14, 2011


I was really excited when I saw Vic Chow, a Taiwan actor. What made him more attractive is not his looks, but the flow of dialogues he delivered, not too cheesy like wise not to erotic .That’s how I met with “Mars”-a manga.
At first I thought this manga was typical Shojo, where a boy-of seventeen, playboy type, rude and arrogant meets this calm going, touch-me-not type girl and they fall in love. What I didn’t know the story had a dark past for both the characters and throughout the series it unfolds many great thoughts about life.
It all starts when Kira Aso, a seventeen year calm going girl whose heart and soul is into arts(clay modelling) meets Rei Kashino,a playboy who asks for directions regarding a hospital. She draws the route map before even he mentions the name of hospital because the girl hates men-due to her dark past. He wanted her to be his friend only when he realised that the paper she gave had a painting of mother holding a baby behind it. Since he never had a mother’s love, he immediately asks her if she was okay with him being her model.
To every one’s surprise, she agrees. From here on the couple undergoes various situations, and we come to know why Sei Kashino,Rei’s twin brother, commits suicide and why Rei always hated his father and Kira never liked men.
The plot becomes more interesting when we are introduced with Masao Kirishima, a cute looking guy who falls in love with Rei, thought he admits in the end that he did like Kira as well. All goes well at the end Rei and Kira end up together.
I highly recommend this manga if you are above eighteen-only since there is lot of violence and odd language used by Rei.Apart from that the flow of plot,capture of various emotions and features of the characters are interesting. The mangaka (Japanese manga author) Fuyumi Soryo, tries best regarding Rei’s humor in spite of his violent past.
The characters are designed perfectly and shaped intact to suit their pasts. It’s just that every character had his/her own past and we come to see how each one helps others to overcome it. Also, I liked their friends who always stick together and have all the lovey-dovey stuff together. The manga art is more inspirational one. The mangaka  Soryo  has excellently illustrated Kira’s emotions ahd Rei’s cruelness towards life.

What’s worth looking?-The art work and dark plot,a non-shojo type.
Whats not worth-I found the plot to be lengthy yet sweet.
You can read its manga in I enclosed few art works of the author from the manga.


Vic chow in in Drama MARS(Taiwan version)

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