Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sixteen Steps

I bit my nails as they called me. A lady in her late forties was waiting for me. She greeted with a warm smile and I tried to smile reflecting the same warmth.

"Please take your seat”, she said, “You will need to handle a very naughty batch. Is that okay with you?” she added concernedly.

"I can handle them”, I assured.

I have taken a teaching job at a well known engineering college."Go climb up one floor and turn to your left. That’s where your class is”, the lady directed me.I adjusted my glasses and nodded my head in agreement.

I walked along the corridor and observed the walls .They were painted in deep brown which makes you feel you were visiting  some kind of a Monet exhibition. Each step I took was gliding to new dimension of life. My head was full of thoughts-Is this what I truly want? Not taking a job in a software company but to teach? Was my dream that strong as to be a teacher all my life?

Deep thoughts were pouring in my head. I wanted to live a life with no regrets. But, some where I still be repentant for not making into MSIT course, it was partly my fault and partly the game of fate. Now I stand twelve steps away from my destiny.

I brushed my hair once more. The wind was blowing my way. I looked away from the hall way .The College was surrounded with greenery and had a calm life. I felt the winter chills. I shrugged and took few more steps.

I gripped the chalk piece tightly and bit my lower lip and took another three steps. There is no looking back in life. Past is just the mist, you can never hold it even if you want too and future in like the dew which can never give you the clear view. What I have now is only the present, like the rain, where I can hold each drop of life and save it to make good memories.

I chanted the letters in my name and covered the remaining steps. I took a deep breath and stood behind the door, other side of the door lays the world I have never tasted before. Not knowing how wonderful or painful it will be for me, I entered into the class room.

I saw happy, excited, dull and no emotion faces. I smiled at my students. I gave a brief introduction about myself. As I took the chalk piece and wrote my name on board I realized I was born ready.

The class was taken for an hour or so and I finally was able to chalk out my life. It was just the view I waited for a very long time, to see the other side of the broken fence.

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