Friday, December 16, 2011

♥ You Are My Pet ♥

When my dad held my hand and said, you are going to lead a life with boxes, I thought he was kidding. I mean why would I lead such life? After a week we were shifted to my granny house and all our stuff were packed in cartons. Now if I want to pull something out, I need to first figure out in which carton that stuff went into.

That’s when I wondered how life would be if you live just in a carton. During my deep childhood days, me along with my siblings used to play thinking a carton is our only home. But, in reality I do not think a person can live in carton. Well, not until I met with Takeshi Gouda.

Takeshi Gouda was found in a box by Sumire Iwaya-a journalist who leads a life like a time table. The manga KIWI WA PETTO deals with Iwaya-cha taking Takeshi –kun into the house and nurse him. She finds him to resemble her dog Momo, and thus she wants him to be her dog, having no choice Gouda accepts the proposal.

The plot thus starts with how Momo-kun and Iwaya-cha become friends and share a strong bond of a Master-Pet relationship. This manga was another shoujo I enjoyed reading. It was purely comedy and the Japanese drama, following same name, was equally interesting.

Koyuki-cha played the bossy, business type girl who knows everything in world apart from how to live.Matsumoto Jnu plays “Momo”, the human-pet dog, whose acting skills were good as always like his other dramas. The twist in the plot however was that, Momo was an upcoming famous ballet dancer, who was rejected initially coz of his height.

The Japanese drama was sweet, as they share pretty kawaii moments. I thought of this drama a lot, coz Momo portrayed a silly boy with ambitions. He comes from a very rich background and enjoys Iwaya-cha’s company. Iwaya-cha, a middle class girl, who fears from showing her true self to Hasumi Shigehito, her childhood crush, was always comfortable with Momo.

The only Hangul actor that I could think off who can dance, sing and act the role of Momo was Jang Keun Suk \(o)/ .

Oh well, I feel he could pull off the right parts in right time. I really can’t wait to watch the Korean version of the same. It was scheduled to be released on November 1, 2011.So far I read mixed mood reviews. I found him to be nomu gwiyeou from the promos. The OST was pretty fun to watch. Kim Ha Neul plays the lead actress.

Now, when I see a pet on road, a wide curve spreads across my face, may be because I think that, that pet has its own story, or rather each person has a story to tell. May be some day I will my own have my pet and it will be named as Momo. For those who often find me giggling silently to my self think I am in love, but yes, I do! Watashi wa petto daisukidesu(I love my pet)!!!

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