Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love Potion

[Note:This article has love among friends ,lovers and finally love between two sheep!!]



“So .Will you help me?”Sujan asked.

I nodded in agreement and saw him blush.

I was busy with exams from past two weeks. If you are not familiar to JNTU’s pattern of examination, you should know that it last for longer time unlike this sentence. My friend, Divya’s birthday falls on the day when our exams end.Yes.We are planning a surprise birthday party. But, what’s more special is Sujan, good friend of mine, planned to propose her. He stays abroad and hence I along with my friends agreed for preparations.

“Today's exam was bad. I am glad that they are over”,Divya smiled happily.

“I am leaving. Happy holidays”, I said.

I left for her hostel and joined my friends. We bought her a teddy bear, cotton shirt and cake. All in White! Sujan likes white and wanted it to be that way.

“Where is the ring?”I asked Badri as I helped her decorate the room.

“Hidden well “, She assured as she pointed at closet. It was a beautiful diamond ring and I wished she would accept him.

“Shuuuu. They left college and are heading this way. Girls take your positions!”,Badri hushed as she read the text from Pinky who helped us to cause a diversion.23

My heart was pounding. Here it comes, I thought. We heard the nock. Divya entered and we all shouted “SURPRISE!!”. I couldn’t help laughing seeing her shocked face. Sujan was on  phone and after what it seems like a minute she followed his instructions and was awestruck  by his proposal.

We made her cut the cake followed by a cake bath. After cheerful exchange of wishes many of my friends left home. I saw Divya’s tearful expression as she played with the ring.

“Hey.You don’t have to accept it if you don’t like him” I soothed her.

“You don’t get it. Do you?”She asked.

At this pointed I decided to write this event in my blog. I wished it would have an exciting twist if she said she had fallen in love with another guy or something. My imaginations were going wild.But,reality had greater twists.

“You don’t get it. Do you CK?”She asked again.


“Today is the last day for us to be together. After this day there is no more 25 and 26”

25 and 26.We were referred by our roll numbers throughout our graduation life.The thought just struck me. Even when we meet tomorrow things won’t be the same. I stared at the collage I gifted her. I looked at others. They had gloomy faces too. We had a group hug as we walked down the memory lane.The day was weird. It started out with a crazy exam, a birthday blast, a romantic proposal and now a tearful farewell.

We did not cry though. In fact I didn’t cry even when one of my favourite cousin got married and left. Girls like us who spend their four years of graduation from all women’s college somehow become more matured, independent and mentally strong. I am not opposing any one here but this is drawn from my personal experience.

kon-012 Badri poured us another glass of orange juice.

She raised her glass and said “For a bright future”.

“Friends forever” Jyo promised.

“And be crazy as always.”I added as Divya joined her glass.

We emptied our glasses and had another group hug.

“Guys send me lots of love potion” I winked as I left.

“You can count on us”,my friends said in unison and smiled.

It’s really not true when they say that a women’s heart is cryptic and need costly items to make her happy. Honestly, even a simple gift like “Love potion” in Farmville will do!!

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