Monday, April 19, 2010


Miracles happen to those who believe in them.No,i am not saying it just for fun but yes miracles do happen! What exactly is a miracle??let me tell you what happened in my life...when i goggle-ed for help wiki says miracle is something unexpected...the other day i was watching a movie called "walk to remember" in that a characters wish is to witness a miracle...but haven't we witness that miracle in life at all??
It was hot summer days when i was still thinking of my pen friend whom i used to write her my inky thoughts and would jump to heaven when i received a reply...but looking back we dint know what went wrong because there was a tsunami mishap later and i didn't receive a reply.I only wished a miracle to happen so that at least i can get her back into my life!!Because it reminds me of the days when I literally cried because i couldn't meet kinder-garden friend of mine whom i miss the most even today!!! I was still praying go so that a miracle should happen and i want my friends back to me..But some how deep down my heart i knew that it will never happen.
So what exactly happened?have i witnessed the miracle?? like is not a fairytale where in you want good to happen every time.It so happened that a profile looked exactly similar to my pen friend in orkut(a social networking site) through which i met my pen pal finally!! when i was thinking with a cup of tea in my hand God's heat told me it was just a coincidence because you were bound to meet her some day ,its just this day happens to be one.
When i still tell my friend life is full of miracles they only laugh and remind me that i am into my imaginary harry potter world where life is magic and full of fluff.
But what about the day when i met my KG friend after ten long years??was it just a coincidence too??If is not a miracle then what is it??i did expet to meet them rite?
But where was that miracle when wasn't prepared and prayed that the test should get cancelled?? Is luck a miracle too??what is a miracle like?does it feel good when it happen?? well let me tell you one thing that i was given to make an advertisement in ten minutes and i still keep thinking why is that i chose a caption that said MIRACLES DO HAPPEN when i didn't see one?
well i finally say i did witness a miracle because people like me write junk and God said people like YOU ready my article....well yes its a MIRACLE!!!!!!!!


bhavani said...

dear, miracle is the thing, which happens....when we think something in our mind, and we see it happening, it happensonly when "hum dil se chahe tho" do happen :) :) :)........

happened a miracle with me also searching my 8th class frnd from 3years...and a week before today.......i got her contact details in an unexpected situation

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